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Parche 1.1.7
Lanzamiento 18 Julio 2018
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  • "Merry" Merrick – More of Merrick's lore books can now be found. This time, Merrick recounts stories that took place during The Hungering Deep and immortalises his son Derrick in a new family portrait!
  • Pennant Flags – When raising a ship's flag, the accompanying pennants will no longer be equipped. Pennant flags are returning to Sea of Thieves very soon, with a new and improved purpose!

Mejoras de rendimiento[]

  • Improved connection stability to resolve the infrequent Alabasterbeard errors.
  • Multiple server and client crash fixes.

Problemas solucionados[]

  • Changes to pirate appearance (such as hair colour/scars) have been reverted to their initial selection.
  • Messages in Bottles will no longer spawn on top of one another.
  • The correct animation now appears when repairing holes in a ship.
  • Textures of the Sea Dog Jacket now appear as intended.
  • Caged pigs and chickens no longer have the cannonball impact decal applied to them if dropped onto one.
  • Players can no longer drop crates behind the clothing and equipment chest on the Sloop.
  • It is no longer possible to clip through the Kraken tentacle when it is wrapped around a ship.
  • Cursed Mermaid Statues have been increased to match the intended model scale.
  • Viewing textures on Plunder Valley from long distances no longer displays gaps in the terrain.
  • It is no longer possible to get permanently stuck in the half-submerged ship at Plunder Valley.
  • Athena's Fortune Bounty Quests are no longer incorrectly blank.
  • The Legendary Gunpowder Title has been removed from the Bilge Rat progression UI due to incorrect progress tracking. The Title is currently available to players through the Bilge Rat shop once all three Legendary Gunpowder Skeleton Commendations have been completed.