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Parche 1.1.8
Lanzamiento 26 Julio 2018
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  • Great Water - Improved lighting, reflection and movement of water within the ship.
  • UI Update - Ampersands have been updated to be more visible on loading screens and in UI header fonts.

Mejoras de rendimiento[]

  • Sinking items now despawn at the lowest depths the player can swim to, instead of sinking beyond. This improves overall game performance.
  • Multiple server and client crash fixes.

Problemas solucionados[]

  • The Executive Admiral Jacket no longer clips on muscular body types.
  • Flags no longer become detached from flag poles when sailing.
  • Players no longer clip out of the Sloop when interacting with Banana/Food Barrel.
  • Screen stutter has been reduced whilst sprinting and aiming down sights.
  • Players who earned but did not receive items during The Hungering Deep will receive these upon next login.