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Parche 1.4.1
Fecha de lanzamiento 12 Diciembre 2018
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  • Loading Times - Loading times into the game have been reduced, so pirates now load in to the front end more quickly than before. The pirate selection carousel also loads in more quickly.
  • Commendation Progress - Improved UI layout of Commendation details for Bilge Rat Adventures.
  • Bone Crusher Cannons - Modified the Bone Crusher Cannons following feedback to improve visibility when aiming.
  • Banana Key Binding - The key binding for quick cycling to your bananas has been reset. If you've assigned or customised the button/key that quick cycles to bananas, please reassign this to restore it.
  • Commendation Audio - New music and SFX when receiving Commendations.
  • Fog Audio - Music and SFX for fog are now triggered earlier.

Mejoras de rendimiento[]

  • Multiple server and client crashes have been resolved.

Problemas solucionados[]

  • Dropping a Gunpowder Barrel on a Rowboat attached to the rear of a Sloop will no longer cause it to explode.
  • The 'Take All' function now correctly takes Tattered Parchments found in Barrels.
  • Players who migrate and subsequently die whilst a voyage is active will no longer lose progress for voyage Commendations.
  • The Legendary Lantern now emits a correctly coloured glow.
  • Lanterns will no longer refresh the Flame of Fate colour when stowing and unstowing.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Skeleton Forts from despawning when players were engaging with a Skeleton Ship.
  • Treasure dropped on the headboard of the Galleon will no longer become stuck in the ship structure and become irretrievable.
  • Floating Mermaid Gems will now sink slowly before disappearing rather than disappearing on the surface.
  • Mouse button prompts now correctly display the correct buttons to press.
  • Resolved nameplate error where lines could be seen above nameplates.
  • Resolved erroneous SFX on capstan.
  • The intro animation is no longer silent when switching to another full-screen app on Xbox One. The sequence is now skipped when the title loses full-screen visibility.
  • "Waiting to set sail" now correctly displays in the lobby when joining a crew.
  • Fog is now included in reflections.
  • Hunter of Cursed Captains achievement description corrected to require 1000 Skulls to be handed in.


  • Fixed a visible gap in the archway of the underground cave at Sailor's Bounty.
  • Players no longer get stuck between rocks on the east part of Kraken's Fall.
  • Resolved area of mismatched collision on the ground outside the weapon shop at Ancient Spire Outpost.
  • Player no longer fall through the ground on the west side of Smuggler's Bay.