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Parche 1.4.2
Fecha de lanzamiento 3 Enero 2019
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  • Tiempos de carga – Las mejoras adicionales en los tiempos de carga deberían ser evidentes con la versión 1.4.2.
  • Chat de texto escalable - El chat de texto ahora se puede escalar a través del menú de configuración.

Problemas solucionados[]

  • Cannon radial no longer sticks on a player's screen if they are knocked away from a cannon.
  • The lowest LOD texture on the Galleon ladder has been updated.
  • Players on the Ferry of the Damned will now be credited for Krakens killed by their crew.
  • Players no longer get teleported to the middle of the map while on a Rowboat during server migration.
  • Players should no longer intermittently fall off ship ladders when reaching the top.
  • Rewards in Kraken Watchtower Vault have been rearranged so they can all be picked up.
  • Migrating with an in-progress ‘X marks the spot’ map no longer puts treasure back in the dig spots.