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Release Date April 11, 2018
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Version 1.0.3 of Sea of Thieves was released April 11, 2018. It contains few fixes, brings some weapon damage alterations, a handy message for dead players, and several more changes. [1]

Download sizes[]

Around 1.20 GB for all platforms.

Maintenance Window[]

The game was unavailable due to necessary maintenance during these times:

  • Wednesday 11th April 9am – 2pm BST


  • Message from Beyond - A message from the Ferryman has been nailed to the door post on the Ferry of the Damned instructing players on how to scuttle their ship.

This is a reminder to players that if their ship and / or crew is in a position they want to get out of, simply going to "My Crew" in the settings page and voting to "Scuttle Ship" will sink the ship and start the crew in a new location.

  • Weapon Balancing - Reduced Blunderbuss Damage and Increased Eye of Reach damage.
  • {PC Only} Aim Down Sights Sensitivity - Increased the default mouse sensitivity to allow for more efficient aiming and to be in parity with the controller, as
  • {PC Only} Mouse Binds - Added mouse scroll up and down to the list of controls players can use to rebind actions to.

Fixed Issues[]

  • Enabling 'non-directional' chat no longer allows non-crew players to be heard anywhere in the world.
  • Players should no longer get into a state where they can no longer equip a second weapon.
  • Corrected an issue with players receiving very little warning of a server shutdown. Players should now receive a minimum warning of 30 minutes for a server shut down.

Performance Improvements[]

  • In response to reports of poor ping times in South America, Sea Of Thieves was deployed to a South American data centre.
  • Multiple server and client crash fixes.

Further improvements and optimisations for all platforms are ongoing.

Known Issues[]

  • Trading Companies now have limited voyage stock that refreshes at 6am every day (in-game time). This limited voyage stock is currently not explained during purchasing.
  • Some players cannot see their downloadable content in game.
  • Players may experience details of their pirate (such as hair colour / scars) looking different from their initial selection.
  • Bounty quest skeleton waves sometimes spawn in the ground or cannot be found at all.
  • Pirates can be migrated to another server after completing a Skeleton Fort, and sailing away with the Vault Key. After migration, they will find that the vault is empty upon their return.
  • {PC} Push to talk option will reset to default (disabled) between sessions.

Message from Beyond on the Ghost Ship isn't translated to other languages.