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Disambig.png This article is about the story arc. For the Tall Tale of the same name, see A Pirate's Life (Quest).
A Pirate's Life
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Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is a free story campaign introduced to Sea of Thieves as part of the Season Three update on June 22, 2021.

In partnership with Disney, this Pirates of the Caribbean themed campaign includes 5 Tall Tales adventuring through locations from Sea of Thieves and the Pirates of the Caribbean films and theme park attraction.


The story sees players rescuing and recruiting Captain Jack Sparrow to aide in protecting the Sea of Thieves from Davy Jones, Captain of the Flying Dutchman. Along the way, players will encounter familiar locations and faces from Pirates of the Caribbean such as the isle of Tortuga, and Joshamee Gibbs, the longtime comrade and First Mate of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Besides Davy Jones, new enemy types are being introduced through A Pirate's Life and into the overall world of the Sea of Thieves: The swarming Sirens, darting Phantoms, and brutish Ocean Crawlers.


Icon Tale Starting location Requirements
A Pirate’s Life icon.png 1. A Pirate's Life (Quest) The Castaway's Camp at all Outposts. No requirements
A Pirate’s Life icon.png 2. The Sunken Pearl The Castaway's Camp at all Outposts. Requires completion of A Pirate's Life (Quest)
A Pirate’s Life icon.png 3. Captains of the Damned The Castaway's Camp at all Outposts. Requires completion of The Sunken Pearl
A Pirate’s Life icon.png 4. Dark Brethren The Castaway's Camp at all Outposts. Requires completion of Captains of the Damned.
A Pirate’s Life icon.png 5. Lords of the Sea The Castaway's Camp at all Outposts. Requires completion of Dark Brethren.






Quest Items[]


Pirate Emporium Sets[]

To tie in with A Pirate's Life, the Pirate Emporium has cosmetic sets themed around some of the characters and ships from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean:


  • Jack Sparrow wields the Ferryman Cutlass which, along with Jack's skull, is also a prominent component of the logo for A Pirate's Life.
  • The other sword that goes along with the Ferryman Cutlass and Jack's skull on the logo for A Pirate's Life is the Cursed Ferryman Cutlass.
  • The opening shot with the Rare flag atop the Coral Fortress surrounded by ships is reminiscent of the Walt Disney castle opening shot from Disney films and trailers.




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