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A Wild Stash of Powder and Arms Voyage
A Wild Stash of Powder and Arms Voyage.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Event Festival of Giving (2020)
Location Larinna
Cost Doubloon.png

A Wild Stash of Powder and Arms is a two chapter Voyage first available during Festival of Giving (2020) than can be brought from Larinna for Doubloon.png.


Chapter one[]

The first chapter has 3 X Marks the Spot Maps, with two Small Islands and one Large Island (or vice versa) all found within The Wilds, with each island having 2 or 3 X's.

The following Treasures can be dug up during this first chapter:

Last chapter[]

The last chapter has 1 X Marks the Spot Map with 4 X's, leading to any island within The Wilds.

The following Treasures will are guaranteed to be dug up during the last chapter: