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Admiral Emote Bundle
Admiral Emote Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 999 AncientCoin.png
Eight Admiral-themed emotes, for pirates who wish to appear rather more refined.

The Admiral Emote Bundle is a Pirate Emporium exclusive pack of Admiral-themed Emotes for players to equip at a Vanity Chest and perform using the Emote Wheel button. None of the Emotes in the bundle can be purchased individually.

The Bundle[]

The Bundle includes 8 Emotes:

Admiral Emote Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
Admiral Cheer Emote Bundle Only "Show your support and enthusiasm without flapping your arms around like some common sailor."
Admiral Clap Emote Bundle Only "Quick, crisp clapping that you could jolly well set your watch by."
Admiral Dance Emote Bundle Only "A most refined dance, suited to high society and not too demanding on your soles."
Admiral Make Friends Emote Bundle Only "A sharp salute lets pirates know that you’re a dignified sort and would like to get acquainted."
Admiral Point Emote Bundle Only "Perfect for saying ‘You there! Stop that nonsense at once!’"
Admiral Sit Emote Bundle Only "Behave with military poise; kneel quietly and bow your head in respect."
Admiral Sleep Emote Bundle Only "The disciplined way to sleep - still, composed and dignified."
Admiral Wave Emote Bundle Only "Ahoy! Ensure that you catch attention, without making a fool of yourself."