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Type NPC
Location Roaring Traders
Company The Hunter's Call icon.png The Hunter's Call
Trophy fish are worth a lot more than the standard sized versions. If it feels like a big fish is on the line, it's worth battling for it! Did you know I once fought to land a Shadow Stormfish of sixteen hours?
— Aifrick, Overheard at Merrick's campfire

Aifrick is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at Roaring Traders. She is the sister of Serik, founder of The Hunter's Call.

Aifrick is a veteran hunter of unparalleled experience among the members in the Hunter's Call.


Dialogue icon.png

Good day, child. I'm Aifrick you might know my sister Serik, she runs this company with that no-good husband of hers.

Do you think I could make my fortune working for the Hunter's Call?

Yes, I can see some potential in you.
It will take time though, hunting and cooking takes great patience and skill.
Why, I remember once spending six days on Plunder Valley looking for the perfect specimen.
Heh, my hands were shaking like Merrick's knees in a storm when I found the courage to cook it.
Yes, yes, with my help I do believe you can become a Master Hunter like me in about thirty years time.

I heard that Serik's husband was renowned as something of a hunter around here?

I fear you have been misled, my dear.
What Merrick knows about hunting could be described many times over on that ridiculous eyepatch of his.
Heh, he even failed to catch a simple Megalodon.
I really don't know what my sister sees in him. She seemed far more suited to that charming Merman.

You seem to know quite a lot about hunting.

I do indeed, child.
Let me tell you about the time when I went after this famously elusive Moon Wrecker.
Big Tom was his name, a fish of true legend only seen at midnight around the Shipwreck of the Shameful Howl.
I waited, cold and alone, for three weeks before I got him to bite.
After an exhausting hour long battle on the line I finally landed him. Then I cooked him for my supper!