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Alliance Pennant
Alliance Pennant.png
Type Flag
Set Sailor
Location Ship Flag Box
Cost Gold.png

The Alliance Pennant is a Flag variant in Sea of Thieves.
The Alliance Pennant is used to form Player Alliances. In order to form an alliance, one ship needs to fly the Alliance Pennant, after which, any ship in the vicinity of the ship flying the Alliance Pennant can form an Alliance. Alliance Flags and options are in a separate category at the Ship Flag Box.


The Alliance Pennant is provided for free to all players by default. Other Flag versions are available for purchase

In-game description

"Fly the Alliance Pennant to offer the formation of an alliance to another crew. When in an Alliance all crews will take a cut from each other's treasure."


  • The Alliance Pennant is named "Offer Alliance" in the game, whereas the description box refers to it as the Alliance Pennant.
  • Alliance Flags are the pennant variant, which is triangular shaped, differing from the regular rectangular shaped flags.