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"I hate it when you have a point. Fine. Rescue it is. Where do we start?"
— Anamaria, The Sunken Pearl

Anamaria is an NPC featured in A Pirate's Life, originating from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.


Crew of the Black Pearl[]

Anamaria joined Jack Sparrow's crew as part of a group recruited by First Mate Gibbs for a mission to retake the Black Pearl from Hector Barbossa. Her intentions were to simply confront Jack Sparrow to collect a debt that he owed her from stealing her previous ship, but Sparrow convinced Anamaria to sail with them on their mission with the promise of a replacement ship once the mission was done. However after successfully retaking the Black Pearl, Anamaria chose to remain aboard the Black Pearl as part of the crew for a short while before leaving to seek adventures of her own.

A Pirate's Life[]

After an undetermined amount of time away from the Black Pearl, Anamaria rejoined its crew and was present during Jack Sparrow's secret mission to raid a Davy Jones' fortress to steal a mystical treasure. While the majority of the crew abandoned ship the moment they became savvy of their destination, Anamaria remained alongside Sparrow, Gibbs, and Scrum.

Despite losing most of their crew, the remaining crew of the Black Pearl successfully infiltrated Jones's fortress and acquired the treasure which Sparrow sought: a trinket that would allow passage between realms. With this treasure in hand and the crew safely aboard to the Black Pearl, they deemed the mission a success. However, it wasn't long before Jones rose from the sea with his ship, the Flying Dutchman, and gave chase. Out-manned and out-gunned, Sparrow chose to put the magical treasure to use in an attempt to flee from Jones and his crew. As a result, a portal opened, transporting the Black Pearl and its crew to another world, The Sea of Thieves.

Unfortunately for the Black Pearl and its crew, Jones and the Flying Dutchman were brought through as well, and the pursuit continued. Jones quickly overtook the Black Pearl and sunk the Black Pearl and its crew. Anamaria, Gibbs, and Scrum would be captured by Sirens and imprisoned in Cursed Mermaid Statues, while Jack Sparrow perished in the conflict and became locked away on the Ferry of the Damned with the Treasure that brought them to the Sea of Thieves.

Anamaria, Scrum, and Gibbs would eventually be rescued by pirates during the events of The Sunken Pearl then find refuge at The Castaway's Camp and eventually be reunited with a ghostly Jack Sparrow who since their last moments together had been set on a path to stop Davy Jones's plans conquer the Sea of Thieves.

Anamaria, Gibbs, and Scrum would later take part in a battle against Davy Jones at the Spire, aboard a resurfaced and repaired Black Pearl. They, along with many other allied ships from the Sea of the Damned, helped keep Jones' fleet occupied while a group of pirates and Calypso led an incursion on the Spire, where they would destroy Jones' source of power leading to his defeat and being locked away by the Ferryman aboard the Ferry of the Damned.

As thanks, the Ferryman apologized to Jack Sparrow's and returned the treasure into his possession, allowing Anamaria and the crew of the Black Pearl to return home to their own world.


Players can dress up as Anamaria with the Anamaria Costume, included with the Captain Jack Sparrow Crew Set bundle purchased from the Pirate Emporium.


  • Anamaria only appears in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, "The Curse of the Black Pearl".

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