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Ancient Spire Outpost
AncientSpireOutpost 1.png
Type Outpost
Location The Ancient Isles
Coordinates Q-17

Ancient Spire Outpost is one of the Outpost Locations in Sea of Thieves located within the Region of The Ancient Isles at coordinate Q-17.

Since the outpost is the closest to the Devil's Roar, it is preferred to spawn there if there is an event that will take the player to the Devil's Roar.


This Outpost is one of 7 in Sea of Thieves.

This outpost includes company NPC's, shops, and a tavern.

It is in fact two islands separated by a narrow channel and bridges, with a series of bridges and caves leading to the top of each island. The tavern is at the top of the main island, with a series of ladders leading to it.

They are island towns with a variety of characters and man-made structures.

Outposts are where new crews and their Ships spawn when beginning a game, or sometimes after their Ship is sunk.

Outposts contain Shops where items can be purchased. Each Outpost contains one of each Shop, some with their own unique items.

Representatives of Trading Companies can be found at Outposts, from whom Crews can pick up Voyages. Players can also Represent these Companies as Emissaries by using Emissary Tables.



  • A plaque above the door while entering The Unicorn tavern is dedicated to player @LindsayElyse from the technical alpha and reads "LindsayElyse Mind Your Head"[1]
  • Tasha rumours that a pirate named 'Filthy Rich Semmens' ordered his crew to bury their treasure somewhere on the island. No treasure has been found but some say that she is the treasure.