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Ancient Vaults
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Type Vault

Ancient Vaults are Vaults built by the Ancients hidden on Large Islands. They are accessed during Tall Tales and Wayfinder Voyages.

Opening an Ancient Vault requires a key that matches the Vault's Totem theme. These keys can be Totem Keys (Tall Tales) or Treasure Vault Keys (Wayfinder Voyages). The key is placed on a small square shaped rock pedestal found near a rock painting of the Vault's Totem.

Once opened with the key, a tunnel will be revealed with leads to a second stone door. Inside the Vaults, there is a single central stone table with a magical screen, a hand-shaped button, and three circular holes on the side facing the door. Along the back wall of the Vault there are 4 pillars with paintings on them that can be rotated to solve a puzzle. Between the pillars, there is a small stone door, concealing a high value item. These Vaults can have Traps or Skeletons inside them.

List of Vaults[]

There are a total of 8 locked Totem Vaults hidden on Large Islands. The The Devil's Roar Vaults are not accessible during Tall Tales.

Vault Island Location
Moon Vault Crescent Isle Inside the Northern side of the Cave system.
Snake Vault Mermaid's Hideaway Under the North Western Arch.
Scarab Vault Crook's Hollow Southern cave wall close to the waterfall.
Boar Vault Devil's Ridge Amidst rocks on the South East beach.
Shark Vault Kraken's Fall Amidst rocks to the North under the big arch.
Crab Vault Uncharted Island (N-13) In an underwater cave hidden among the coral reefs.
Eagle Vault Fetcher's Rest In the central cave system, next to Eagle cave paintings.
Sun Vault Ashen Reaches In the middle of a northern cave system cutting through the island.

Tall Tales[]

Ancient Vaults are a regular part of The Shores of Gold Tall Tales. These Vaults will be visited during The Shroudbreaker (Quest) icon.png The Shroudbreaker (Quest), Stars of a Thief icon.png Stars of a Thief and The Art of the Trickster icon.png The Art of the Trickster. Players will have to follow clues to find the corresponding Totem Key to access the Vaults.

Depending on the Tall Tale, the Vaults will include a pillar puzzle, combat encounters, or traps inside and will hide different Quest Items necessary for the completion of the Tall Tales. None of the Quest Items acquired during Tall Tales can be sold and are only valuable to the Crew who are doing the Tall Tale.

Gold Hoarder Treasure Vaults[]

Outside Tall Tales, the Gold Hoarders use the Ancient Vaults to stash their own Treasure (with the exception of the Crab Vault on Uncharted Island (N-13)).

Players will require a corresponding Treasure Vault Key to unlock these Vaults. These keys are essentially identical to the Totem Keys from Tall Tales with the main difference being that they can also be sold to the Gold Hoarders (or Reaper's Bones). The location of each vault is inscribed on the Keys, with the name of the exact Island stated in their name.

Treasure Vault Keys can be acquired during Wayfinder Voyages by using the Golden Wayfinder to find Torn Map Parchments and piecing together a Torn Map which will show the location of the buried Treasure Vault Key.

The Treasure Vault Key will vary in material depending on the difficulty of the Voyage: Stone Treasure Vault Keys, Silver Treasure Vault Keys or Gold Treasure Vault Keys. The material determines the quality of Treasure to be found in the Ancient Vault. Stone Key Vaults contain treasure of low value, Silver Key Vaults will contain more valuable treasure and more scaffodling, and Gold Key Vaults will contain the most valuable treasure, with even more scaffolding platforms to hold it.


Once opened, a Gold Hoarder Treasure Vault will remain open for roughly 3 minutes, during which players can loot the Vault clean of its riches until the stone door closes shut. When the Vault door closes after a time, any players inside will be stuck, left to drown with water filling the room.

Treasures found inside will include generous piles of Gold (worth between 75-300 Gold.png depending on the size of the pile), Treasure Chests and Artifacts.

A puzzle can be solved for an additional generous payout by finding 3 hidden Vault Medallions and placing them in the central Stone Table. Finding the Medallions may require exploring the scaffolding around the Vault. They can also be hidden on the sides of pillars. The Medallions always shine with a bright white glint.

Each Medallion will reveal the solution for one of the first three pillars, while the solution for the fourth pillar is a combination of the images on the first three pillars. Completing the puzzle requires pushing the button on the Stone Table. If the solution is correct, a small stone door will open with a Chest of Ancient Tributes.

The combined value of this Chest, and any retrieved Treasure items from the Vault are worth more than the Treasure Vault Key itself. However, the crew fails to retrieve anything from the Vault in the allotted time limit, the Key will be used and players will return with nothing.

Ashen versions of Wayfinder Voyages are ready for purchase at Morrow's Peak Outpost, which focus on the The Devil's Roar and lead to a Vault found in that region. These Vaults will contain the Ashen counterparts for Treasure Chests and Trinkets.

Medallion Vaults[]

There are five more Ancient Vaults on Tribute Peak in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale that revise Puzzles from previous Tall Tales. There are 4 open Vaults hidden in cliffs towards each compass direction of Tribute Peak. Their locations are marked in the Tale Book with additional hints on how to solve the Pillar-Puzzles inside.

The Tribute Peak Vaults are the following:

  • Southern Vault - Hides the Shark Medallion
  • Western Vault - Hides the Boat Medallion
  • Eastern Vault - Hides the Warrior Medallion
  • Northern Vault - Hides the Kraken Medallion
  • Compass Vault - At the end of a spiraling pathway. The four other Medallions have to be placed into the Vault mechanism to unlock the door to the Gold Hoarder Coin.