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Animal Dance Emote Bundle
Animal Dance Emote Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 499 AncientCoin.png
Dance like a variety of animals, since you've yet to master dancing like a human.

The Animal Dance Emote Bundle is a Pirate Emporium exclusive pack of Emotes in Sea of Thieves that provide players with a selection of Dances mimicking Animals. Each Emote in the Bundle can be purchased individually for 149 Ancient Coins, with the whole Bundle costing 499 Ancient Coins. Players can equip any Emotes at a Vanity Chest and perform them using the Emote Radial Menu.

The Standalone Monkey Dance Emote thematically fits this bundle.

The Bundle[]

The Bundle Costs 499 Ancient Coins and includes 4 new Emotes, of which all can be individually purchased:

Animal Dance Emote Bundle
Bundle Cost: 499 AncientCoin.png
Emote Cost Description
Cat Dance Emote 149 AncientCoin.png You need feline poise and style to attempt this dance. Or ten grogs in you.
Parrot Dance Emote 149 AncientCoin.png This dance is very popular at parties, but don't let Salty catch you doing it.
Shark Dance Emote 149 AncientCoin.png The ancient tribes of the Sea of Thieves used this dance to honour the Megalodons. Probably.
Squid Dance Emote 149 AncientCoin.png Are you doing that crazy new squid dance, or are your elbows cursed?