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Ashen Key Master's Notes
Skeleton’s Orders.png
Type Quest
Source Ashen Key Master

Ashen Key Master's Notes is an interactable Quest in Sea of Thieves. They are dropped by defeated Ashen Key Masters, a special type of Skeleton Captain mostly roaming alone on Islands. These Notes provide the crew that picks it up with an X Marks the Spot Map that leads to a buried Ashen Key.


Skeleton's Orders Quest Radial.png

Ashen Key Master's Note Quests can only be acquired from Ashen Key Masters roaming as Emergent Skeleton Captains on Islands. The Notes always lead players to the location of a buried Ashen Key. When defeated, Ashen Key Masters drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and the Ashen Key Masters's Notes (with a small delay). The Notes have to be picked up for the Quest to appear on the Map Radial Menu.

The Notes will always be an X Marks the Spot Map with one X on the same Island the Key Master was defeated on.

These Notes share the Gray Letter Icon with Skeleton's Orders Quests on the Map Radial generally taking precedence over Voyages.

Ashen Keys[]

Ashen Keys are Key Items that can be sold to the Bilge Rats at any Tavern for Doubloons, or used to open an Ashen Chest to find Ashen Tomes and various other rewards.