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Ashen Skeletons
Ashen Skeletons.png
Type Skeleton
Behaviour Hostile
Location The Devil's Roar

Ashen Skeletons are an unique variant of Skeletons that are found in The Devil's Roar Region in Sea of Thieves.


Ashen Skeletons replace Regular Emergent Skeletons in The Devil's Roar Region. During an active Skeleton Fort in the Molten Sands Fortress, Ashen Skeletons can spawn as a whole wave.

They can also be encountered as a part of The Seabound Soul and Heart of Fire Tall Tale.

Ashen Lords summon Ashen Skeletons instead of regular Skeletons. These summoned skeletons are very weak.

Emergent Ashen Skeleton Captains like Ashen Key Masters and Ashen Guardians all spawn as Ashen Skeleton Captains with a red glow around them.

Ashen Skeletons are resistant to Fire damage, taking a lot longer to kill with Firebombs.


The Ashen Skeletons crewed The Ashen Dragon, which was the funeral pyre of Captain Flameheart. The Captain of the ship Captain Adara is eternally guarding Flameheart's final resting place, ready to attack any thieves or vandals. After the release of Flameheart in The Seabound Soul Tall Tale, Ashen Skeletons became abundant in The Devil's Roar.