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Athena's Fortune Emissary Quest
Emissary Quest Icon.png
Type Emissary Quest
Company Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune
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The Athena’s Emissary Quest is a handful of mixed type Quests offered to any Grade V Emissary of the Athena's Fortune in Sea of Thieves. The Quests reward players with a number of Athena's Treasure Items.

The Emissary Quest[]

The Athena's Fortune Emissary Quest can be claimed from the Mysterious Stranger in any Outpost Tavern once a Crew has progressed to Emissary Grade V as an Athena's Fortune Trading Company Emissary. Only one Emissary Quest can be claimed per Emissary Flag. If Crews wish to receive another one, they will have to re-hoist their Emissary Flag and progress up to Grade V again.

The Athena's Fortune Emissary Quest is essentially a short Gilded Voyage that gives players the following Maps:

After these three Quests are Completed, players will receive a Treasure Map with 2 X's, one unearthing a Chest of Legends, the other a Keg of Ancient Black Powder.

Emissary Quests are separate from Voyages, allowing Crews to have a Voyage active in addition to the Emissary Quest.