Athena's Fortune Hideout

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Athena's Fortune Hideout
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Type Location
Location Taverns
Company Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune

Pirate Legend

Athena's Fortune Hideout is a hidden Location in Sea of Thieves. The location of the Hideout is only known to Athena's Fortune and the secrets to accessing the Hideout is only shared with Pirate Legends.

Access[edit | edit source]

In order to access the Hideout, Player Pirates must first prove themselves on the Seas and earn the Title of Pirate Legend. Any Player who manages to work up to and buy the Rank 50 Promotion of three out of the six Trading Companies will be able to receive the Title and the Shanty of Legends from the Mysterious Stranger inside Outpost Taverns. Play the shanty near the entrance, after which the icon of Athena's Fortune will magically appear and reveal a passageway to the Hideout itself.

While non-Pirate Legends can access the Hideout if let in by another Legend in their crew, they won't be able to gain access to most of the services until they reach Pirate Legend status themselves.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hideout is the base of the Athena's Fortune Trading Company, built inside a Shipwreck in a well hidden underground cave. From the entrance of the hideout, a dock stretches the length of the cavern. The Tavern-keep and Athena's Fortune Shop can be found to the left, and Legendary Liz, the Legendary Shipwright is at the end of the dock. The Pirate Lord, provider of Athena's Fortune Voyages, is in the captain's cabin of the shipwreck. Blind Bob, the Tavern Keep, and the Clothier are in an open area of the wreck. All members of Athena's Fortune are Ghostly.

Services[edit | edit source]

The following Service providers are available for Pirate Legends inside the Hideout:

Trivia[edit | edit source]