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Athena's Fortune Shipwright
Legendary Liz.png
Type Shop
Location Athena's Fortune

The Athena's Fortune Shipwright is the shop run by Legendary Liz found in the Athena's Fortune Hideout. It is the one-stop shop for Ship customizations, featuring Ghost and Legendary ship cosmetics.

Items Sold[]

Image Name Cost Rep Type Set In-game description
Dark Adventurers Flag.png
Dark Adventurers Flag 590,625 Gold
Flag Dark Adventurers "Any crew flying this flag must have spent much of their gold. Now they're coming for yours."
Dark Adventurers Cannons.png
Dark Adventurers Cannons 4,134,375 Gold
Cannons Dark Adventurers "These cannons strike fear into the hearts of all who spy them - and that's before they start firing."
Dark Adventurers Capstan.png
Dark Adventurers Capstan 4,134,375 Gold
Capstan Dark Adventurers "Weigh anchor - carefully - with this intimidating but potentially hazardous capstan."
Dark Adventurers Wheel.png
Dark Adventurers Wheel 4,134,375 Gold
Wheel Dark Adventurers "Take the helm and set sail in pursuit of dark and dangerous deeds."
Dark Adventurers Figurehead.png
Dark Adventurers Figurehead 8,268,750 Gold
Figurehead Dark Adventurers "Part of a ship set designed by The Reaper's Bones to lure Pirate Legends to their cause..."
Dark Adventurers Hull.png
Dark Adventurers Hull 8,268,750 Gold
Hull Dark Adventurers "Rumour has it the price of this ship set is the Pirate Lord seeking to dissuade Legendary Reapers."
Dark Adventurers Sails.png
Dark Adventurers Sails 8,268,750 Gold
Sails Dark Adventurers "The sails are unfurled, a heading set. There may be no turning back from this dark course."
Ghost Flag.png
Ghost Flag 50,000 Gold
3 3
Flag Ghost "Unlocked by being a 'Pirate Legend' and reaching reputation level 3 in Athena's Fortune."
Ghost Cannon.png
Ghost Cannon 500,000 Gold
Cannons Ghost "These cannons may look ghostly, but the huge balls of iron they fire are very, very corporeal."
Ghost Capstan.png
Ghost Capstan 500,000 Gold
Capstan Ghost "This spooky capstan looks like it could raise the dead as well as the anchor!"
Ghost Figurehead.png
Ghost Figurehead 500,000 Gold
10 10
Figurehead Ghost "Unlocked by being a 'Pirate Legend' and reaching reputation level 10 in Athena's Fortune."
Ghost Hull.png
Ghost Hull 500,000 Gold
5 5
Hull Ghost "Unlocked by being a 'Pirate Legend' and reaching reputation level 5 in Athena's Fortune."
Ghost Sails.png
Ghost Sails 500,000 Gold
7 7
Sails Ghost "Unlocked by being a 'Pirate Legend' and reaching reputation level 7 in Athena's Fortune."
Ghost Wheel.png
Ghost Wheel 500,000 Gold
Wheel Ghost "Rumour has it that this wheel was used to torture a pirate... by steering him to a grogless tavern."
Legendary Flag.png
Legendary Flag 30,000 Gold
Flag Legendary "You're a Pirate Legend and you know it. Now they will, too."
Legendary Cannons.png
Legendary Cannons 69,550 Gold
Cannons Legendary "Handsome cannons such as these, will bring lesser pirates to their knees!"
Legendary Capstan.png
Legendary Capstan 69,550 Gold
Capstan Legendary "When the anchor must be quickly raised, this legendary capstan will be praised."
Legendary Wheel.png
Legendary Wheel 69,550 Gold
Wheel Legendary "A true pirate legend must look imperious, with this mighty wheel they'll know you're serious."
Legendary Figurehead.png
Legendary Figurehead 300,000 Gold
Figurehead Legendary "Proudly shows a legend arriving, while others flounder hopelessly striving."
Legendary Hull.png
Legendary Hull 300,000 Gold
Hull Legendary "Spectacle for others made from planks, when compliments come just nod your thanks."
Legendary Sails.png
Legendary Sails 300,000 Gold
Sails Legendary "A stirring moment that forever lasts, seeing these billowing from the masts."
Athena Cannon Flare.png
Athena Cannon Flare 496,125 Gold
Cannon Flare Legendary "Each burst from your cannons glows the ghostly green of the Pirate Lord."
Veil of the Ancients Flag.png
Veil of the Ancients Flag 50,000 Gold
21 21
Flag Veil of the Ancients "Legendary Liz designed this flag after being inspired by a rock painting in The Ancient Isles."
Veil of the Ancients Cannons.png
Veil of the Ancients Cannons 500,000 Gold
24 24
Cannons Veil of the Ancients "They maty be old, but these cannons can sink a ship just as well as modern-day models."
Veil of the Ancients Capstan.png
Veil of the Ancients Capstan 500,000 Gold
25 25
Capstan Veil of the Ancients "A sturdy capstan topped off by an eternally burning flame. Don't scorch your fingers!"
Veil of the Ancients Figurehead.png
Veil of the Ancients Figurehead 500,000 Gold
29 29
Figurehead Veil of the Ancients "A replica of the Veil itself adorns the prow of your ship. Sail with legendary pride!"
Veil of the Ancients Hull.png
Veil of the Ancients Hull 500,000 Gold
22 22
Hull Veil of the Ancients "A bold hull that makes use of the striking hues preferred by Ancient architects."
Veil of the Ancients Sails.png
Veil of the Ancients Sails 500,000 Gold
28 28
Sails Veil of the Ancients "A faithful recreation of Ancient artwork, depicting the Veil's power being called upon."
Veil of the Ancients Wheel.png
Veil of the Ancients Wheel 500,000 Gold
27 27
Wheel Veil of the Ancients "Wrestling with this heavy stone wheel must have kept Ancient sailors in excellent shape."