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Athena's Fortune Shop
Legendary Luke.png
Type Shop
Location Athena's Fortune

The Athena’s Fortune Shop, run by Legendary Luke, is the one-stop shop for clothing, vanity, equipment, and weaponry in the Athena's Fortune Hideout. Ghost and Legendary cosmetics are featured here, with the ship components of those sets being sold at the Athena's Fortune Shipwright. A selection of Hair, Beard, and Hair Dyes are also available for purchase here. The Athena's Fortune Shop is the only shop where clothing items, vanity items, equipment, and weapons are sold by the same person. The items are not divided by type, but instead separated by set.

Items Sold[]

Image Name Cost Rep Type Set In-game description
Dark Adventurers Severe Makeup.png
Dark Adventurers Severe Makeup 200,250 Gold
Makeup Dark Adventurers "Is this facepaint, warpaint or something in between? Either way, it shows that you mean business."
Dark Adventurers Sombre Makeup.png
Dark Adventurers Sombre Makeup 200,250 Gold
Makeup Dark Adventurers "Malicious, moody and mysterious? Then you can definitely pull off this look."
Dark Adventurers Surly Makeup.png
Dark Adventurers Surly Makeup 200,250 Gold
Makeup Dark Adventurers "You don't wear this just to look good. You wear this to look utterly terrifying, but also good."
Dark Adventurers Blowout Hair.png
Dark Adventurers Blowout Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair Dark Adventurers "It takes real skill to shave such an ominous emblem into hair. Especially when it's your own hair."
Dark Adventurers Plaited Hair.png
Dark Adventurers Plaited Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair Dark Adventurers "If you're feeling particularly twisted and evil, this hairstyle is the perfect way to express yourself."
Dark Adventurers Stalwart Hair.png
Dark Adventurers Stalwart Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair Dark Adventurers "Just because you're the scourge of the seas, it doesn't mean you can't also have fantastic hair."
Dark Adventurers Stately Beard.png
Dark Adventurers Stately Beard 202,500 Gold
Beard Dark Adventurers "This magnificent beard will only enhance your dark and brooding countenance."
Dark Adventurers Stylish Hair.png
Dark Adventurers Stylish Hair 202,500 Gold
Hair Dark Adventurers "A hairstyle that practically screams 'go ahead, just try to trim me…'"
Dark Adventurers Tankard.png
Dark Adventurers Tankard 303,750 Gold
Tankard Dark Adventurers "Can it really be happy hour when you drink from a tankard that looks this foreboding?"
Dark Adventurers Belt.png
Dark Adventurers Belt 546,750 Gold
Belt Dark Adventurers "A blisteringly expensive belt, yes, but can it really be considered an evil ensemble without one?"
Dark Adventurers Boots.png
Dark Adventurers Boots 546,750 Gold
Boots Dark Adventurers "Don these boots to set other pirates quaking in theirs."
Dark Adventurers Gloves.png
Dark Adventurers Gloves 546,750 Gold
Gloves Dark Adventurers "The perfect accessory for steering the ship while staring moodily at the horizon."
Dark Adventurers Shovel.png
Dark Adventurers Shovel 624,375 Gold
Shovel Dark Adventurers "Perfect for digging up Chest of Legends. Oh, and all the other less legendary loot."
Dark Adventurers Bucket.png
Dark Adventurers Bucket 641,250 Gold
Bucket Dark Adventurers "When pirates see you wielding a bucket this expensive, they might turn a little pale."
Dark Adventurers Lantern.png
Dark Adventurers Lantern 641,250 Gold
Lantern Dark Adventurers "Even the darkest of souls sometimes need to light their way in the dead of night."
Dark Adventurers Speaking Trumpet.png
Dark Adventurers Speaking Trumpet 776,250 Gold
Speaking Trumpet Dark Adventurers "Carry your voice across the waves to demand surrender or issue your best evil laugh."
Dark Adventurers Compass.png
Dark Adventurers Compass 945,000 Gold
Compass Dark Adventurers "Splash out on a compass to chart a course toward your many malevolent misdeeds."
Dark Adventurers Pocket Watch.png
Dark Adventurers Pocket Watch 945,000 Gold
Pocket Watch Dark Adventurers "A costly pocket watch that stares right back at you with a death's-head gaze."
Dark Adventurers Concertina.png
Dark Adventurers Concertina 961,875 Gold
Concertina Dark Adventurers "How is it possible for a musical instrument to look so menacing? The Reapers found a way."
Dark Adventurers Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Dark Adventurers Hurdy-Gurdy 961,875 Gold
Hurdy-Gurdy Dark Adventurers "Even a jolly hurdy-gurdy can be used to intimidate others, given the right coat of paint."
Dark Adventurers Tattoo.png
Dark Adventurers Tattoo 992,250 Gold
Tattoo Dark Adventurers "Keep the creed of the Dark Adventurers, not to mention their distinctive emblem, close to your heart."
Dark Adventurers Shirt.png
Dark Adventurers Shirt 1,093,500 Gold
Shirt Dark Adventurers "Fabulous fabrics and deadly design unite to create a shirt with a seriously steep sale price."
Dark Adventurers Trousers.png
Dark Adventurers Trousers 1,093,500 Gold
Bottoms Dark Adventurers "Imposing trousers that cost an arm and a leg for the traditional form: no arms and two legs."
Dark Adventurers Banjo.png
Dark Adventurers Banjo 1,181,250 Gold
Banjo Dark Adventurers "This gothic take on the humble banjo lends a sobering edge to any shanty."
Dark Adventurers Drum.png
Dark Adventurers Drum 1,181,250 Gold
Drum Dark Adventurers "The Reapers comprehend a forbidden truth: everyone prefers drummers."
Dark Adventurers Eyepatch.png
Dark Adventurers Eyepatch 1,235,250 Gold
Eyepatch Dark Adventurers "This premium patch will plunder your pockets, but it's better than a poke in the eye."
Dark Adventurers Spyglass.png
Dark Adventurers Spyglass 1,282,500 Gold
Spyglass Dark Adventurers "Spot your next targets at a distance while they're still blissfully unaware of you..."
Dark Adventurers Hook.png
Dark Adventurers Hook 1,640,250 Gold
Hook Dark Adventurers "A hook hints at a Pirate Legend's history of infamy and injury in equal measure."
Dark Adventurers Pegleg.png
Dark Adventurers Pegleg 1,640,250 Gold
Pegleg Dark Adventurers "What could have left a Pirate Legend with a pegleg? Pirates will be too afraid to ask."
Dark Adventurers Fishing Rod.png
Dark Adventurers Fishing Rod 2,160,000 Gold
Fishing Rod Dark Adventurers "If this fishing rod were any more intimidating, not even Splashtails would be fooled into biting."
Dark Adventurers Dress.png
Dark Adventurers Dress 2,187,000 Gold
Dress Dark Adventurers "Not so much 'dress to impress' as 'dress to distress' thanks to this intimidating garment."
Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss.png
Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss 2,551,500 Gold
Blunderbuss Dark Adventurers "Designed by Reapers. Wielded by Pirate Legends. Now that's a scary blunderbuss."
Dark Adventurers Cutlass.png
Dark Adventurers Cutlass 2,551,500 Gold
Cutlass Dark Adventurers "The skull sigil on the blade offer your foes a glimpse of their imminent demise."
Dark Adventurers Eye of Reach.png
Dark Adventurers Eye of Reach 2,551,500 Gold
Eye of Reach Dark Adventurers "An Eye of Reach covered in spikes? Good thing there's a matching eyepatch available."
Dark Adventurers Pistol.png
Dark Adventurers Pistol 2,551,500 Gold
Pistol Dark Adventurers "Pirate Legends will know how to make every last shot from this pricey pistol count."
Dark Adventurers Jacket.png
Dark Adventurers Jacket 2,733,750 Gold
Jacket Dark Adventurers "From the heavy gauntlet to the skull shoulder-patch, this jacket simply screams 'fight me'."
Dark Adventurers Hat.png
Dark Adventurers Hat 2,754,000 Gold
Hat Dark Adventurers "Wear this hat a jaunty angle and show your contempt for those who follow the rules."
Ghost Tankard.png
Ghost Tankard 6,350 Gold
Tankard Ghost "The ghost of a tankard that was smashed over Duke's head in a bar fight. Don't worry, it was empty!"
Ghost Shovel.png
Ghost Shovel 13,250 Gold
Shovel Ghost "Now here's a shovel that has dug more graves than it has dug up treasures."
Ghost Bucket.png
Ghost Bucket 13,350 Gold
Bucket Ghost "Apparently this bucket had unfinished business in life."
Ghost Lantern.png
Ghost Lantern 13,500 Gold
Lantern Ghost "Stand on a distant, foggy cliff with this haunting lantern held high and start a few ghost stories."
Ghost Boots.png
Ghost Boots 13,600 Gold
2 2
Boots Ghost "Some say they have seen these bewitched boots walk by themselves when their owner is asleep."
Ghost Belt.png
Ghost Belt 13,650 Gold
5 5
Belt Ghost "Effortlessly holds up the heaviest of trouser with an eerily unexplained supernatural force."
Ghost Gloves.png
Ghost Gloves 13,900 Gold
3 3
Gloves Ghost "Many hands make light work, so gain yourself a helping hand or two with these enchanted gloves."
Ghost Speaking Trumpet.png
Ghost Speaking Trumpet 16,350 Gold
Speaking Trumpet Ghost "Make your voice loud enough to wake the dead!"
Ghost Pocket Watch.png
Ghost Pocket Watch 19,875 Gold
Pocket Watch Ghost "A ghostly watch, ticking away the moments of your life. What happens if it stops?"
Ghost Compass.png
Ghost Compass 19,880 Gold
11 11
Compass Ghost "A cold comfort to the wandering dead, lost between worlds."
Ghost Concertina.png
Ghost Concertina 20,150 Gold
15 15
Concertina Ghost "This belonged to Captain Greymarrow himself and was the only wholesome hobby he ever had in life."
Ghost Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Ghost Hurdy-Gurdy 20,250 Gold
13 13
Hurdy-Gurdy Ghost "If you want to play a haunting melody, start with a haunted instrument!"
Ghost Drum.png
Ghost Drum 24,550 Gold
14 14
Drum Ghost "The beats of this drum echo in ways that some find most unsettling... like ghostly heartbeats."
Ghost Banjo.png
Ghost Banjo 24,995 Gold
16 16
Banjo Ghost "Gone but not forgotten, banjo fans can play this for all eternity."
Ghost Spyglass.png
Ghost Spyglass 26,850 Gold
12 12
Spyglass Ghost "They say this spyglass lets you see the dead. Not true. When you look into it, the dead can see you."
Ghost Trousers.png
Ghost Trousers 27,300 Gold
4 4
Bottoms Ghost "Beware! The haunted pockets on these make gold vanish, or that might be due to their scary cost."
Ghost Eyepatch.png
Ghost Eyepatch 30,500 Gold
8 8
Eyepatch Ghost "Gives even the most timid of pirates the power to gaze upon their rivals with a fearful stare."
Ghost Hook.png
Ghost Hook 40,750 Gold
9 9
Hook Ghost "Anyone who believes ghosts aren't real will get a ghastly shock when you grab them with this."
Ghost Pegleg.png
Ghost Pegleg 40,850 Gold
7 7
Pegleg Ghost "Ghosts are well known for their disembodied heads, but have you ever seen a disembodied peg leg?"
Ghost Fishing Rod.png
Ghost Fishing Rod 45,750 Gold
Fishing Rod Ghost "You'd think it would scare away the fish."
Ghost Cutlass.png
Ghost Cutlass 49,750 Gold
20 20
Cutlass Ghost "Fear not; though ethereal, this cutlass blocks and bites as truly as any earthly steel."
Ghost Dress.png
Ghost Dress 54,000 Gold
6 6
Dress Ghost "Swirls around your body like a ethereal shroud, it's the height of otherworldly style."
Ghost Eye of Reach.png
Ghost Eye of Reach 67,595 Gold
18 18
Eye of Reach Ghost "Some ghosts cause destruction without even being seen. This is no exception."
Ghost Blunderbuss.png
Ghost Blunderbuss 67,775 Gold
19 19
Blunderbuss Ghost "Though this weapon is almost transparent, it fires very solid, very real buckshot."
Ghost Pistol.png
Ghost Pistol 67,850 Gold
17 17
Pistol Ghost "Pull the trigger to make more ghosts."
Ghost Jacket.png
Ghost Jacket 67,875 Gold
6 6
Jacket Ghost "Full on fearful fashion ensures you'll always cut a spectral dash through any crowded tavern."
Ghost Hat.png
Ghost Hat 68,000 Gold
10 10
Hat Ghost "Filled with the thoughts of long dead pirates, let's hope they have got something useful to say."
Kraken Beard.png
Kraken Beard 27,200 Gold
Beard Kraken "The beard of a pirate who fears no sea monster - until a tentacle grabs hold of it."
Kraken Hair.png
Kraken Hair 27,200 Gold
Hair Kraken "Like the great Kraken, your hair is a tangled mass of grasping arms. No, wait, it's a compliment!"
Legendary Tankard.png
Legendary Tankard 1,250 Gold
Tankard Legendary "A tankard fit for a legend's grog, then back tomorrow for hair of the dog."
Legendary Shovel.png
Legendary Shovel 2,600 Gold
Shovel Legendary "Shovel of a pirate beyond measure, ideal for digging lovely treasure."
Legendary Bucket.png
Legendary Bucket 2,650 Gold
Bucket Legendary "Nothing compares to this legendary bucket, please make sure you never chuck it."
Legendary Lantern.png
Legendary Lantern 2,650 Gold
Lantern Legendary "The lantern of a fine corsair, shines a beam through the night air."
Legendary Speaking Trumpet.png
Legendary Speaking Trumpet 3,250 Gold
Speaking Trumpet Legendary "Ensure your legendary voice is loud, with a trumpet so clear and proud."
Legendary Compass.png
Legendary Compass 3,950 Gold
Compass Legendary "Find your way through fog and storm, with a compass fit for your legendary form."
Legendary Pocket Watch.png
Legendary Pocket Watch 3,950 Gold
Pocket Watch Legendary "Count the seconds, minutes and hours, until your legendary status towers."
Legendary Concertina.png
Legendary Concertina 4,000 Gold
Concertina Legendary "From this concertina a tune you squeeze, your stunning talent never fails to please."
Legendary Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Legendary Hurdy-Gurdy 4,000 Gold
Hurdy-Gurdy Legendary "Ornate, finely-tuned and sturdy, this is a real pirate's hurdy-gurdy."
Legendary Banjo.png
Legendary Banjo 4,950 Gold
Banjo Legendary "Even tone-deaf Legends can strum this banjo, then soon the shanties will flow!"
Legendary Drum.png
Legendary Drum 4,950 Gold
Drum Legendary "When a pirate like you designs to drum a beat, all who hear will tap their feet."
Legendary Spyglass.png
Legendary Spyglass 5,350 Gold
Spyglass Legendary "This spyglass spots all trouble in view, yet all people want to see is you."
Legendary Cutlass.png
Legendary Cutlass 7,000 Gold
Cutlass Legendary "With this handsome and deadly sword, how could a legend be ignored?"
Legendary Fishing Rod.png
Legendary Fishing Rod 9,140 Gold
Fishing Rod Legendary "When a pirate of your stature casts a line, the crew knows it's time to dine."
Legendary Blunderbuss.png
Legendary Blunderbuss 9,450 Gold
Blunderbuss Legendary "When meeting a legend don't make a fuss, or you may feel the sting of this blunderbuss."
Legendary Eye of Reach.png
Legendary Eye of Reach 9,450 Gold
Eye of Reach Legendary "Your fame lives on, your foe does not, they don't even see you take the shot."
Legendary Flintlock.png
Legendary Flintlock 9,450 Gold
Pistol Legendary "Ornate and precise is this deadly gun, in your skilled hands it's also great fun."
Ashen Dusk Hair.png
Ashen Dusk Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "Whisps of grey among deep reds create a mysterious and wise appearance."
Beast Black Hair.png
Beast Black Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "Black hair with highlights of ruddy brown, to make you look like a feral pirate!"
Deep Sea Hair.png
Deep Sea Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "Reminds many of the mysterious, briny depths. Let's hope your hair doesn't smell the same."
Devil's Night Hair.png
Devil's Night Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "This bold dye creates a blend reminiscent of the night sky over the Devil's Roar."
Dusty Shadow Hair.png
Dusty Shadow Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "When you just have to be the most enigmatic pirate on board."
Forsaken Ashes Hair.png
Forsaken Ashes Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "A blend of reds that gives a fiery impression, perfect for a wild pirate."
Golden Sands Hair.png
Golden Sands Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "A pale hair dye that suits an enigmatic and experienced pirate."
Midnight Oil Hair.png
Midnight Oil Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "A slick, dark look for pirates who do their best work after dark."
Misty Brown Hair.png
Misty Brown Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "The hair of a pirate who stands alone on the prow, gazing stoically into the middle distance."
Nature's Bounty Hair.png
Nature's Bounty Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "Hair dye like this matches a wild personality, for pirates who like trees as much as masts."
Pale Magic Hair.png
Pale Magic Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "This mixture of tones is ideal for a pirate of contradictions."
Pale Souls Hair.png
Pale Souls Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "Both bright and mysterious, reminiscent of the mystical powers wielded by the Order of Souls."
Silverback Hair.png
Silverback Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "Grey whisps in your hair let pirates feel your wisdom and authority."
White Rose Hair.png
White Rose Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "When you want to look like a delicate flower, or perhaps like the Shrouded Ghost..."
Wild Orchid Hair.png
Wild Orchid Hair 19,950 Gold
Hair Dye Legendary "A dye reminiscent of beautiful and exotic flowers - who knows what insects you'll attract?!"
Legendary Treasure Seeker Costume.png
Legendary Treasure Seeker Costume 68,300 Gold
Costume Legendary "This full outfit for a Pirate Legend is a jaunty combination of swagger, fabric and gold."
Legendary Fortune Cutlass.png
Legendary Fortune Cutlass 7,000 Gold
29 29
Cutlass Legendary Fortune "With this handsome and deadly sword, how could a legend be ignored?"
Legendary Fortune Blunderbuss.png
Legendary Fortune Blunderbuss 9,450 Gold
26 26
Blunderbuss Legendary Fortune "When meeting a legend don't make a fuss, or you may feel the sting of this blunderbuss."
Legendary Fortune Eye of Reach.png
Legendary Fortune Eye of Reach 9,450 Gold
23 23
Eye of Reach Legendary Fortune "Your fame lives on, your foe does not, they don't even see you take the shot."
Legendary Fortune Pistol.png
Legendary Fortune Pistol 9,450 Gold
21 21
Pistol Legendary Fortune "Ornate and precise is this deadly gun, in your skilled hands it's also great fun."
Ocean Crawler Beard.png
Ocean Crawler Beard 27,200 Gold
Beard Ocean Crawler "Are you even a pirate if you don't have a few barnacles in your beard?"
Ocean Crawler Hair.png
Ocean Crawler Hair 27,200 Gold
Hair Ocean Crawler "You've heard of the 'wet look'? Try the 'underwater look'."
Parrot Beard.png
Parrot Beard 27,200 Gold
Beard Parrot "A beard that looks perfect, despite having a few seed casings scattered throughout."
Parrot Hair.png
Parrot Hair 27,200 Gold
Hair Parrot "Parrots know how to preen and look great. The same attitude could work wonders for your hair."
Pirate Lord Pegleg.png
Pirate Lord Pegleg 48,850 Gold
Pegleg Pirate Lord "Carved of the finest wood, to resemble the claw of a mighty griffin, the Pirate Lord's Peg Leg is a piece for true connoisseurs."
Servant of the Flame Cutlass.png
Servant of the Flame Cutlass 49,750 Gold
Cutlass Servant of the Flame "A true Reaper requires an illustrious blade. Only the best for the Servant, and for you."
Servant of the Flame Hat.png
Servant of the Flame Hat 68,000 Gold
Hat Servant of the Flame "This is a dark hat, for dark deeds. There's no denying it, the Servant of the Flame has style."
Soulflame Captain Costume.png
Soulflame Captain Costume Ancient Coins
Costume Soulflame "An ethereal ensemble befitting the Soulflame Captain, a terrifying Pirate Legend."
Soulflame First Crewmate Costume.png
Soulflame First Crewmate Costume Ancient Coins
Costume Soulflame "Ghostly garb worn by a crew loyal to their Soulflame Captain, a Pirate Legend."
Soulflame Second Crewmate Costume.png
Soulflame Second Crewmate Costume Ancient Coins
Costume Soulflame "Ghostly garb worn by a crew loyal to their Soulflame Captain, a Pirate Legend."
Soulflame Third Crewmate Costume.png
Soulflame Third Crewmate Costume Ancient Coins
Costume Soulflame "Ghostly garb worn by a crew loyal to their Soulflame Captain, a Pirate Legend."
Soulflame Lantern.png
Soulflame Lantern 150,000 Gold
Lantern Soulflame "This lantern seems to resemble the mask of a Soulfire Captain, but it couldn’t be - could it?"
Soulflame Blunderbuss.png
Soulflame Blunderbuss 500,000 Gold
Blunderbuss Soulflame "The glow from within this blunderbuss is almost serene... at least until you pull the trigger."
Soulflame Cutlass.png
Soulflame Cutlass 500,000 Gold
Cutlass Soulflame "A cutlass that glows with damned firelight. Use it to send a few souls the Ferryman’s way."
Soulflame Eye of Reach.png
Soulflame Eye of Reach 500,000 Gold
Eye of Reach Soulflame "You may not be stealthy when carrying this weapon, but you'll certainly be intimidating!"
Soulflame Pistol.png
Soulflame Pistol 500,000 Gold
Pistol Soulflame "The ghostly light shining from this pistol's barrel makes for a seriously scary sidearm."
Ancient Cutlass.png
Ancient Cutlass
Cutlass Veil of the Ancients "The Ancients strived for balance in all things, especially swords."
Ancient Eye of Reach.png
Ancient Eye of Reach 67,595 Gold
Eye of Reach Veil of the Ancients "The Veil may open portals to the Sea of the Damned, but this Eye of Reach will send your enemies there just as quick!"
Ancient Blunderbuss.png
Ancient Blunderbuss 67,775 Gold
Blunderbuss Veil of the Ancients "This Blunderbuss shares the power of the Veil of the Ancients, it too can send pirates to the Sea of the Damned."
Ancient Flintlock.png
Ancient Flintlock 67,850 Gold
Pistol Veil of the Ancients "There's more than one way for pirates to enter the Sea of the Damned... and a good pistol is one of them."
Veil of the Ancients Costume.png
Veil of the Ancients Costume 68,300 Gold
30 30
Costume Veil of the Ancients "Dressed in Ancient attire and donning a replica of the Veil, you look ready to the reach the Sea of the Damned."