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Type Food

In Sea of Thieves, Bait is a Food item that is mainly used to catch different types of Fish with the Fishing Rod. Bait can generally be found in Barrels anywhere, but the barrels on Outposts, Seaposts and Shipwrecks seem to have an especially good supply of Bait. Bait can also be dug up with a Shovel. Bait is categorised as a Food item, and can therefore be stored in the Ship's Food Barrel. Despite this, Bait does not make good food, restoring only a small percentage of health, but making the player character sick and throw up. This makes eating bait a good alternative to drinking in order to get sick and vomit, as bait does not make the player drunk at the same time. Vomit can be gathered in a bucket and thrown at players to disorient them (there is an achievement for this too!). A player can carry a maximum of 10 pieces of bait in their Inventory, however an extra piece of bait can be carried on the Fishing Rod.


There are currently three different types of bait, which can be dug up from different areas:

  • Grubs - Can be found from sand
  • Leeches - Can be found from shorelines
  • Earthworms - Can be found from grass or earth


Main article: Fishing

The main use of Bait is to catch specific types of Fish with the Fishing Rod. Bait can be put on fishing rod by taking out the rod, then opening up the Equipment Wheel and pressing the respective button for Bait, after which you can choose what bait to put on the rod. The following bait is used to catch the following Fish:

No Bait Earthworms Leeches Grubs
Splashtails Plentifins Ancientscales Devilfishes
Pondies Wildsplashes Stormfishes Battlegills
Islehoppers Wreckers


  • While you cannot get any benefits from using Bait for Fishing in The Arena, you can still use it for its vomit-inducing effects in combat!