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Barrel Disguise Emote
Barrel Disguise Emote.png
Type Emote
Set Standalone Cosmetics
Shop Black Market
Cost 50 Doubloons

The Barrel Disguise Emote is an Emote cosmetic variant from the Standalone Cosmetics Set.
The Barrel Disguise Emote can be performed through the Pirate Wheel of Emotions once the Emote has been equipped at a Vanity Chest.


The Barrel Disguise Emote can be obtained by the following methods:

In-game description

"When there's no suitable place to hide, why not create your own? Perfect for stealthy island visits."

Usage & Tips[]

The barrel disguise emote can be used to effectively turn your character into a barrel. However, it is always perfectly upright, so it doesn't move along with the swaying of ships and will float slightly on sloped ground. Due to this, it's only practical on flat land. Additionally, the barrels on the sloop are smaller than typical barrels, making hiding on a sloop even more unviable


  • This Emote was previously earned by reaching Renown Level 13 during Season Two.

Patch history[]