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Resource Barrels are Objects that can be found all around the Sea of Thieves filled with various types of Resources or Maps. Typically, pirates can find Resource Barrels on Outposts, Islands, Seaposts, Shipwrecks or even floating in the Ocean. Barrels generally contain a mix of either Fruit, Bait, Cannonballs, Throwables, Cursed Cannonballs or Wooden Planks.

All Barrels globally reset their contents every 30 minutes after Server Start/Reset.

Every Barrel has 16 open Slots per Page for Resources. Each barrel can contain up to three pages worth of Resources with a maximum of 99 of a single item per one Slot. Therefore, the maximum storage capacity of a single Barrel is 4752 Resource Items.

Ship Resource Barrels[]

Each ship has three types of unique barrels on board: Cannonball, Food and Plank barrels. Pirates looking to stock up their ships should empty their inventory into the ship barrels and then pick up more supplies from Barrels off-ship.

Cannonball Barrel[]

The Cannonball Barrels are coloured Red with white Cannonballs painted on them.

The Cannonball Barrel is the designated Resource Barrel for storing all types of Cannonballs and Throwables on a Ship. Galleons and Brigantines both have three Cannonball Barrels, with an initial total stock of 45 Cannonballs in Adventure Mode (180 in Arena Ships). A Sloop has two Cannonball Barrels with an initial stock of 40 Cannonballs. The Sloop's Cannonball Barrels are the most accessible, situated just under the Helm on the Main Deck. The Cannonball Barrels on a Brigantine are placed right by the stairs on the bottom deck. The Cannonball Barrels of a Galleon are in the back of the Middle Deck, opposite the Wood Barrels, making them the least accessible of the three. Cannonball Barrels can store both regular types of Cannonballs as well as Cursed Cannonballs and Throwables. Generally, people separate the two-three types of Cannonballs into separate Cannonball Barrels, e.g. Cannonballs in the top Barrel and Cursed Cannonballs in the lower Barrels (with some even separating Green and Purple Cursed Cannonballs into the separate Cannonball Barrels on a Brig or a Galleon).

As of the 2.0.13 Patch, every Cannonball Barrel starts out with an additional supply of 2 Firebombs, 2 Chainshot and 2 Blunderbombs in both Arena and Adventure Mode.

Wood Barrel[]

The Plank Barrel is a Dark Brown Barrel with white Planks and a Hammer painted on it.

The Wood Barrel is the Resource Barrel designated for storing Wooden Planks on a Ship. Due to there only being one type of Wooden Plank currently in the game with a relatively small stock needed for repairing, every Ship starts out with just a single interactable Wood barrel. Every Ship starts out with an initial total stock of 15 Wooden Planks in Adventure Mode (60 in Arena Ships). The Wood Barrel of a Sloop and Brigantine are in front of the stairs to the lower deck. The Wood Barrel of a Galleon is at the back of the Middle Deck, opposite the Cannonball Barrels.

Food Barrel[]

The Food Barrel is a yellow Barrel with white Fish and Meat painted on it.

The Food Barrel is the Resource Barrel designated for storing all types of Food on a Ship. Every Ship has two Food Barrels with an initial total stock of 16 Bananas (In Adventure Mode). In The Arena Game-Mode, all Food Barrels spawn with 80 Coconuts instead. The Food Barrels on each ship are next to the kitchen area and the Ship's Stove for easier access for Cooking. Every type of Food item can be stored in the Food Barrel. Different Fruit and Bait (Raw and Burnt; Half-Eaten Raw and Burnt for Pineapple), different Meat (Normal and Half-Eaten Raw, Under-cooked, Cooked and Burnt) and different fish of different types and sizes (Normal and Half-Eaten Raw, Under-Cooked, Cooked and Burnt) each take up a single storage space in the Food Barrel, therefore making the three pages easier to fill.

Merchant Alliance Barrel[]

In a Lost Shipment voyage, crews will find slightly different Barrels of Plenty that contain a Merchant Alliance Barrel among the normal barrels, distinguishable by its blue color and Merchant Alliance insignia, that harbors a clue.

Shipwreck Barrels[]

As of the Anniversary Update, all Barrels inside Sunken Shipwrecks have a chance to spawn Meat and Fish all types and cookedness in addition to the regular Resources that spawn in Barrels. This makes Shipwrecks a good source of additional Hunter's Call Reputation, as Crews fishing near a Shipwreck can check the contents of its Barrels every 30 minutes for a chance of the rarest Fish. Shipwrecks can be found by large flocks of Seagulls flying above them. These flocks can be spotted from very far away.

Barrels of Plenty[]

Barrels of Plenty, also known as Floating Barrels, are the shipwrecked Barrels that can be seen floating in groups anywhere in the Ocean. Barrels of Plenty are indicated by a small flock of Seagulls circling around them. These Seagull flocks are smaller than the flocks circling Shipwrecks and they cannot be seen from as far away. Floating Barrels usually have a larger amount of Resources in them than usual Barrels. As with the Shipwreck Barrels, Barrels of Plenty also contain Fish and Meat of all types. Different types of Treasure items (Treasure Chests, Trinkets, Bounty Skulls, Supply Crates, Trade Good Crates, Mermaid Gems or even Gunpowder Barrels can be found floating among Barrels of Plenty.

Floating Barrels can be grabbed and let go with a Harpoon, making it easier to empty their contents. Some Crews prefer to swim all the contents of a group of Floating Barrels into a single one, ready for Harpooning and easier transport. A harpooned Barrel can be used as a tool to make transporting Supplies from an Outpost's Dock to the Ship easier, as players can simply place any Resources into the harpooned Barrel and grab them from there to the Ship without having to climb on the Ship every time.

Like any items left floating in the open seas, Barrels of Plenty and the Treasure among them will sink and disappear after a while.

Lost Shipment Barrels of Plenty[]

While in a Lost Shipment, crews will find several modified Barrels of Plenty along the route of the sunken galleon. These act as normal Barrels (the normal barrels will still give food and supplies, and a flock of seagulls will be flying above), but with a few key differences: 1) There will be one Merchant Barrel mixed in with the normal barrels. 2) All non-barrel treasure (chests, skulls, etc.) will be replaced with Trade Good Crates. 3) There will be bits of wreckage from the lost ship floating amongst the waves, such as broken ladders and wooden hatches.


  • Barrels used to only limit a supply capacity of 1188, but can now store multiple pages worth of supply.
  • Harpooned Barrels of Plenty can sometimes collide with the Ship while sailing, making a lot of noise.