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"Legend of the Deep"
Type NPC
Related Shrouded Islands
Forts of the Forgotten

Belle is an NPC first introduced in early promotional material for Sea of Thieves before later being added to the game during the Shrouded Islands Adventure. Little is known about her character, aside from her having strong ties to the Sea of the Damned and an inferred history with the Pirate Lord as the two are shown to be on a first-name basis.


Shrouded Islands[]

During Shrouded Islands, Belle was introduced as a character to aid in players' investigation of the recently Shrouded islands. Players could locate her during the Adventure by following her Mysterious Compass found within the Golden Sands tavern to either Crescent Isle, Devil's Ridge, or Marauder's Arch. During the adventure she would provide a Flame of Souls as well as accept Hexing Skulls and Rune Tablets, the latter of which she would award players approximately 1,000 Gold for.

Forts of the Forgotten[]

Belle returns again for Forts of the Forgotten, this time at the Golden Sands Outpost, sharing what she learned about the Sea Forts and their purpose. The inhabitants of Golden Sands have been taken captive within the dungeons of these Forts and Belle presses players to rescue them from their unknown but likely terrible fate. The player has to clear one fort in each region, free its captives and retrieve the Enchantment Vessels held within. Belle will reward the player approximately 1,000 Gold for each Vessel; once all prisoners have been freed and the Vessel from each fortress has been turned in, the chapter can be concluded.


During Forts of the Forgotten

Dialogue icon.png

Good, you're here! I assume that means you got my message. We have some prisoners to save...

You were waiting for me?

I'm certainly not here to take in the view. You've proven yourself dependable, and I need someone I can trust.
Besides, we played right into Flameheart's hands by defeating those wretched Soulflame Captains.
Their destruction opened a doorway to the Sea of the Damned, however briefly, and Flameheart took full advantage of our actions.
I know you must be as eager to settle the score as I am, and now I've finally found a way. It's time to make amends...

So, what happened to the people who lived here?

I'm sure you've heard about the Sea Forts by now. Drawn here from the Sea of the Damned when the link between the worlds was at its strongest.
They're no longer just memories of the past. They're all too real, and it won't be easy to break inside.
Unfortunately, if you want to rescue the occupants of this Outpost, that's exactly what you'll have to do.
I'll also need you to bring me any Enchantment Vessels you find there. Flameheart must not be allowed to endanger any more innocent souls!
But make no mistake - their kidnapping was no random act of cruelty. Flameheart has captured them for a reason.
Prepare yourself and your ship, then return to me for instructions. I have much more to tell you...

[CONTINUE / REPLAY ADVENTURE] I'm ready to save some prisoners

(Voiceover starts and Chapter Two of Forts of the Forgotten begins)

[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] Wonda mentioned Flameheart has an Ancient held captive...

(Voiceover starts and Forts of the Forgotten completes)

Completing Chapter One of Forts of the Forgotten


Greetings. I now know which memories Flameheart has chosen to bring forth from the Sea of the Damned and why. We must act fast!

Beginning of Chapter Two of Forts of the Forgotten


[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to save some prisoners!

There's no time to waste!
Flameheart has taken the inhabitants of Golden Sands, he was seeking a new right-hand in Wanda's sister,
but just like her sister, she is stubborn.
These people are little more than pawns in his game.
Should she continue to refuse him, he will have his Phantom Jailors dispose of them.
The Forts are here. I fear for the souls of those trapped within,
there are fates worse than death within the Sea of Thieves...

During Chapter Two of Forts of the Forgotten

Dialogue icon.png

Head out to a Sea Fort and do whatever it takes to rescue the prisoners! Be sure to bring me any Enchantment Vessels you find. They may prove useful...


Completing Forts of the Forgotten


[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] Wonda mentioned Flameheart has an Ancient held captive...

You have saved the souls of Golden Sands and they will return home in due course.
With the Dark Relics found, the fog will soon lift,
though it does seem to linger over Golden Sands...
Souls... Wonda... Ancients...
How could I have been so foolish! The Forts are only the beginning.
Flameheart is seeking the Veil of the Ancients!
An artefact capable of breaking down the barrier between the Sea of Thieves and the Sea of the Damned...
...last I heard it was in the belly of the pale beast...
I know how to call it, but who is capable of...
Merrick! I must speak to Merrick.
As soon as I have everything in order, I will find you again.

During Shrouded Islands

Dialogue icon.png

Ah, did my compass lead you here? It's good to meet someone willing to brave this fog in search of answers...

What happened to this place?

The same thing that happened to Golden Sands Outpost, of course. And now other islands are being swallowed up...
Something new, creeping in from the Sea of the Damned and carrying forsaken souls in its wake...
If it isn't stopped soon, all on the Sea of Thieves may fall under its influence.
Which is why it's lucky for you pirates that I'm here. If we work together, we can learn the truth.
But make no mistake, there will be dangers lurking in the shadows. I can sense their hunger...
Prepare yourself, pirate, then return to me when you're ready to find some answers.

There must be some way to clear this fog...

Before we can think about that, we need to understand what's causing all of this.
The most recent manifestation is an island in The Wilds. If you hurry, you're sure to learn something
This mist thins the divide between the worlds. It can offer you insight into memories of the past.
More than that, there are sure to be more... tangible... clues waiting to be uncovered, likely buried somewhere in the fog.
If you can find me any Rune Tablets, I'd be grateful. Along with studying the Dark Relics, they may help me to uncover the truth!

[COMPLETE CHAPTER] I believe I've found your compass.

(Voiceover starts and Chapter One of Shrouded Islands completes)

[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to investigate the latest shrouded island.

(Voiceover starts and Chapter Two of Shrouded Islands begins)

[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] What have you learned about the ritual?

(Voiceover starts and Shrouded Islands completes)

Completing Chapter One of Shrouded Islands


[COMPLETE CHAPTER] I believe I've found your compass.

I knew you'd come.
I'm Belle. I see you have my compass, are you ready to learn more?

Beginning Chapter Two of Shrouded Islands


[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to investigate the latest shrouded island.

I've spent more time than I care to consider exploring the Sea of the Damned.
There is no soul that knows those waters better than me.
I have followed souls from there to here.
These Phantoms do the bidding of the Reapers and their master.
They will do all in their power to keep their master's secrets.
The Flame of Souls will allow you to uncover these secrets.
Something tells me you've seen this flame before...
Memories have seeped through, the gap between the worlds is thin here.
Find the memories and return to me when you know more.

During Chapter Two of Shrouded Islands

Dialogue icon.png

I'll continue my work here. Take my Flame of Souls, sail to The Wilds and find the cause of all this!


Completing Shrouded Islands


[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] What have you learned about the ritual?

The Soulflame Captains were the key, their deaths weakened the border between the worlds.
This was his plan all along, Flameheart is bringing something through from the Sea of the Damned.
I will find out what, but I fear there is nothing we can do now.


  • Along with Captain Flameheart and The Gold Hoarder, Belle was among the first characters to be revealed before the launch of Sea of Thieves.[1]
  • Early renders of Belle show her wearing a Reaper's Mark necklace similar to the one worn by the Pirate Lord.
    • When added to the game, this necklace was replaced with a necklace depicting a hippocampus, a mythical sea creature often associated with the Ferry of the Damned.
  • In early footage of the Athena's Fortune Hideout, Belle is shown sitting where Legendary Luke has now set up shop.
  • Prior to being added to the game with Shrouded Islands, Belle appeared in the background of the Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving 2021 Twitch Stream.
  • According to Mike Chapman, Creative Director on Sea of Thieves, Belle is "Hundreds of years old."
  • Belle travels around the Sea of Thieves through the use of her buoy.[2]
  • Belle's lantern appears to be the Lantern of the Damned.


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