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Bilge Rat Emote Bundle
Bilge Rat Emote Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Set Bilge Rat
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 999 Ancient Coins
Double Quotations Left.png
Eight emotes that are perfect for a Bilge Rat: adventurous, cheeky and down to earth.

The Bilge Rat Emote Bundle is a Pirate Emporium exclusive pack of eight Bilge Rat Set themed Emotes for players to equip at a Vanity Chest and perform using the Emote Wheel button. None of the Emotes in the bundle can be purchased individually.

List of bundled items[]

The Bundle Costs includes 8 Emotes:

Bilge Rat Emote Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
Bilge Rat Cheer Emote.png
Bilge Rat Cheer Emote Bundle Only "A little enthusiasm makes everyone's day! Spread some cheer with this friendly gesture."
Bilge Rat Clap Emote.png
Bilge Rat Clap Emote Bundle Only "Bilge Rats are very keen and supportive, especially if someone just bought a fresh round of grog."
Bilge Rat Dance Emote.png
Bilge Rat Dance Emote Bundle Only "Bilge Rats are known for their love of grog and dancing. There is almost certainly a connection."
Bilge Rat Make Friends Emote.png
Bilge Rat Make Friends Emote Bundle Only "Your natural charisma shines through when you're a carefree Bilge Rat."
Bilge Rat Point Emote.png
Bilge Rat Point Emote Bundle Only "When you're this drunk, it's hard to point at just one thing at a time."
Bilge Rat Sit Emote.png
Bilge Rat Sit Emote Bundle Only "True lazing around is an art form that you've perfected."
Bilge Rat Sleep Emote.png
Bilge Rat Sleep Emote Bundle Only "Let's be honest - pirates like you just sleep wherever they drop."
Bilge Rat Wave Emote.png
Bilge Rat Wave Emote Bundle Only "You can tell this is a Bilge Rat wave by the slightly drunk wobble."

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