The Bilge Rats were introduced as an NPC pirate faction in the Sea of Thieves DLC The Hungering Deep. They appear to be part of the new story-like campaign introduced in the DLC.

Pirates are many things: scoundrels, heroes, explorers and fighters. But most of all, they’re free. The Bilge Rats are here to ensure that it stays that way, encouraging pirates to follow their noses, be relentless in search of adventure (and trouble), and challenge themselves on the path to Pirate Legend.


The Bilge Rats were formed as a response to the encroaching presence of the Trading Companies. They don’t have a founder or a leader exactly, because they’re all far too independent, but one day a feisty pirate and her crew decided that the pirate life was too precious a thing to squander by being too serious.

Not wanting to follow orders or do anything that could even remotely resemble work, they became the Bilge Rats: tenacious, uncontrollable and a bit wild. Their aim is to get together with like-minded louts and go seeking the real Sea of Thieves.

They keep their ears on the pulse and their fingers to the ground! The Bilge Rats pride themselves on catching all the best rumours by exploring, adventuring and spending a lot (like, a lot) of time in the taverns! So whenever something changes on the Sea of Thieves, they know about it and can usually turn it into a game or contest by lunchtime. What’s the point in being a pirate if you can’t prove that you’re the best pirate with some ridiculous stunt?

They began by going out to remote locations to build Skeleton Thrones, challenging all-comers to take a seat on top of the world. Later challenges involved gunpowder skeletons and cursed undersea statues. The Bilge Rats want pirates to pursue adventure (or misadventure) wherever it presents itself! Start by chatting to Duke in the taverns to take your first steps into the unknown.

Providing an alternative to the Trading Companies, the Bilge Rats begrudgingly offer rewards for those pirates who excel. Complete the special events and challenges they set for you to earn Bilge Rat Doubloons, which can be redeemed for exclusive Bilge Rat rewards!

Bilge Rat Doubloons can be traded for unique items, outfits and equipment, time-limited as part of each new escapade. Alternatively, trade your Doubloons for gold to spend in the shops, or for reputation with the Trading Companies![1]


Bilge Rat Adventures



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