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Bone Crusher Set
Bone Crusher Ship Set Promo.jpg
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 270,690 Gold
Cost 280 Doubloons
Cost 2,988 Ancient Coins

The Bone Crusher Set is a Skeleton themed Cosmetic Set in Sea of Thieves. Some of the Set pieces were only available for a limited time during Skeleton themed Bilge Rat Adventures. Some parts of the Set were tied to Commendations and were made permanently available at Outpost Stores. Before the Anniversary Update, Bone Crusher Set items could only be purchased from the Stores at Morrow's Peak Outpost in The Devil's Roar.

A more expensive green and brown recolour of the set, named the Fearless Bone Crusher Set is available from the Black Market for Doubloons.

The Full Set with the Bone Crusher Jacket.

The Full Set with the Bone Crusher Dress.

Bone Crusher Ship Set on a Galleon.

Bone Crusher Ship Set on a Brigantine.

Bone Crusher Ship Set on a Sloop.

Set Components[]

Note: Items with a purchase price of Doubloons, in addition to the Bone Crusher Scars, were time-limited items split between various Content Update events and are no longer obtainable.


(Partially limited to Skeleton Thrones event)

  • Total Cost: 6,750 Gold  60 Doubloons
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Bone Crusher Belt.png
Bone Crusher Belt 1,350 Gold
Belt "With a bone buckle, this skelly belt is 100% natural materials."
Bone Crusher Boots.png
Bone Crusher Boots 1,350 Gold
Boots "You have bone on your boots, which raises serious questions about your socks."
Bone Crusher Dress.png
Bone Crusher Dress 20 Doubloons
Dress "The skellies will still attack you in this, but maybe they'll think twice."
Bone Crusher Gloves.png
Bone Crusher Gloves 1,350 Gold
Gloves "You can only wonder why you didn't think to adorn your fists with bones sooner."
Bone Crusher Hat.png
Bone Crusher Hat 20 Doubloons
Hat "You found the skeleton thrones, now you wear the skeleton bones."
Bone Crusher Jacket.png
Bone Crusher Jacket 20 Doubloons
Jacket "A jacket adorned with bones, perfect for thrill-seekers and taxidermists."
Bone Crusher Trousers.png
Bone Crusher Trousers 2,700 Gold
Bottoms "Even your trousers have bones… you know what, never mind."


(Scar item time-limited to Cursed Sails event)

  • Total Cost: 15,200 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Bone Crusher Adorned Hair.png
Bone Crusher Adorned Hair 1,350 Gold
Hair "A macabre mullet into which bones have been woven. Useful when sailing in high winds."
Bone Crusher Beard.png
Bone Crusher Beard 1,350 Gold
Beard "Discreetly inform pirates styling this beard that they've got a little someone on their face."
Bone Crusher Eyepatch.png
Bone Crusher Eyepatch 3,050 Gold
Eyepatch "This bony eyepatch really carries off that gloomy pirate look you've heard about."
Bone Crusher High-Tie Hair.png
Bone Crusher High-Tie Hair 1,350 Gold
Hair "A tie made of bone can keep even the must unruly hair out of your eyes."
Bone Crusher Hook.png
Bone Crusher Hook 4,050 Gold
Hook "This skeletal hook will really creep people out when you pick your nose. Or theirs."
Bone Crusher Pegleg.png
Bone Crusher Pegleg 4,050 Gold
Pegleg "A skeleton pegleg, perfect for stomping on skeleton foes."
Bone Crusher Scars.png
Bone Crusher Scars Gold
Scars "This skeleton scar surely has an impressive and wince-inducing story behind it!"
Bone Crusher Tattoo.png
Bone Crusher Tattoo Gold
Tattoo "These tattoos depict some terrifying bones and teeth. Not to be used as an anatomical guide."


  • Total Cost: 40,090 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Bone Crusher Banjo.png
Bone Crusher Banjo 3,500 Gold
Banjo "Crafted from the bones of the dead, this has a decidedly hollow twang."
Bone Crusher Bucket.png
Bone Crusher Bucket 1,900 Gold
Bucket "Take bites out of the bilge with a shark-jaw bucket."
Bone Crusher Compass.png
Bone Crusher Compass 2,800 Gold
Compass "Maybe these old bones will help your find your way home."
Bone Crusher Concertina.png
Bone Crusher Concertina 2,850 Gold
Concertina "Almost looks like it might start playing itself, doesn't it?"
Bone Crusher Drum.png
Bone Crusher Drum 3,500 Gold
Drum "Now this is a drum that will rattle your bones."
Bone Crusher Fishing Rod.png
Bone Crusher Fishing Rod 9,140 Gold
Fishing Rod "This rod is made from stiff bone and there's really nothing funny about that."
Bone Crusher Hurdy-Gurdy.png
Bone Crusher Hurdy-Gurdy 2,850 Gold
Hurdy-Gurdy "A skeleton hurdy-gurdy will surely play a tune loud enough to wake the dead."
Bone Crusher Lantern.png
Bone Crusher Lantern 1,900 Gold
Lantern "A lantern for the truly macabre, this will light your way in the eeriest fashion."
Bone Crusher Pocket Watch.png
Bone Crusher Pocket Watch 2,800 Gold
Pocket Watch "Tells the time, while also serving a grim reminder that time is running out."
Bone Crusher Shovel.png
Bone Crusher Shovel 1,850 Gold
Shovel "What better than a skeleton for digging in the earth?"
Bone Crusher Speaking Trumpet.png
Bone Crusher Speaking Trumpet 2,300 Gold
Speaking Trumpet "If your crew won't listen, tell them this trumpet is decorated with the bones of the last crew."
Bone Crusher Spyglass.png
Bone Crusher Spyglass 3,800 Gold
Spyglass "See what's coming, unlike the previous owner of these bones."
Bone Crusher Tankard.png
Bone Crusher Tankard 900 Gold
Tankard "Drink from the skull of your enemy! As classic as it is unhygienic."


(Limited to Gunpowder Skeletons event)

  • Total Cost: 60 Doubloons
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Bone Crusher Blunderbuss.png
Bone Crusher Blunderbuss 15 Doubloons
Blunderbuss "Shoot skellies with blunderbuss, make new blunderbuss from bones, shoot more skellies!"
Bone Crusher Cutlass.png
Bone Crusher Cutlass 15 Doubloons
Cutlass "This sword cuts right to the bone."
Bone Crusher Eye of Reach.png
Bone Crusher Eye of Reach 15 Doubloons
Eye of Reach "Crafted from the bones of defeated skeletons, to really add insult to injury."
Bone Crusher Pistol.png
Bone Crusher Pistol 15 Doubloons
Pistol "A bone-handled pistol. Death begets more death!"


(Partially limited to Cursed Sails event)

  • Total Cost: 208,650 Gold  160 Doubloons
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Bone Crusher Cannons.png
Bone Crusher Cannons 69,550 Gold
Cannons "These bone-covered cannons look ready to hole some hulls and smash some skeletons!"
Bone Crusher Capstan.png
Bone Crusher Capstan 69,550 Gold
Capstan "This creepy capstan raises the anchor as fast as your sword drops skeletons!"
Bone Crusher Figurehead.png
Bone Crusher Figurehead 40 Doubloons
Figurehead "A mighty set of jaws, giving your ship that skeletal savageness it deserves."
Bone Crusher Flag.png
Bone Crusher Flag 40 Doubloons
Flags "A skull on a red field, objectively impressive."
Bone Crusher Hull.png
Bone Crusher Hull 40 Doubloons
Hull "Now your ship bears the terrifying visage of death, which is nice."
Bone Crusher Sails.png
Bone Crusher Sails 40 Doubloons
Sails "When the skellies see you coming, they'll know you've got a bone to pick."
Bone Crusher Wheel.png
Bone Crusher Wheel 69,550 Gold
Wheel "Put the skeletons you smash to better use as a ship's wheel. They can guide you to the next battle!"

Pet Outfits[]

  • Total Cost: 2,988 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Alsatian Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Alsatian Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "Give your loyal Alsatian an edge against the elements with this sturdy outfit."
Barbary Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Barbary Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "A tough leather jacket and hat will offer your Barbary some protection in a fight."
Capuchin Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Capuchin Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "This outfit suggests your Capuchin has survived more than its fair share of dangers..."
Cockatoo Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Cockatoo Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "This striking eyepatch and jacket shows your Cockatoo has been in a battle... or 'too."
Inu Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Inu Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "Give a dog a bone - in fact, give your Inu several as part of this striking outfit."
Macaw Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Macaw Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "A hat decorated with bones lends a scary, yet stylish, look to any Macaw."
Marmoset Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Marmoset Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "A Marmoset with a hook for a paw? That should make climbing even easier..."
Mau Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Mau Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "A pet as slinky as a Mau still looks ferocious in this bone-studded outfit."
Parakeet Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Parakeet Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "Heavy leather straps help protect your Parakeet - but don't worry, it can still fly."
Ragamuffin Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Ragamuffin Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "Even a scruffy Ragamuffin can look somewhat stately in this commanding outfit."
Whippet Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Whippet Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "This fine piece of clothing is as sleek as the Whippet that wears it."
Wildcat Bone Crusher Outfit.png
Wildcat Bone Crusher Outfit 249 Ancient Coins
Pet Outfit "Your trusty Wildcat will look even less tame when wearing this hardy outfit."


Patch history[]

  • 1.2.0
    • Added the Bone Crusher Scar, Tattoos, Hull, Flag, Sail, and Figurehead as time-limited items.
    • Added Equipment and remaining clothing to Outpost shops.
  • 1.1.4
    • Added the Bone Crusher Weapons as time-limited items.
  • 1.1.2
    • Introduced.
    • Added the Bone Crusher Jacket, Dress, and Hat as time-limited items.