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Bounty Parchment
Bounty Map.png
Type Quest
Company Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls
Secret knowledge hidden in skull and bone
Revealing untold whispers protected by foe
Knowledge guarded and returned at last
To uncover the secrets of riches past

A Bounty Parchment is a type of Quest in Sea of Thieves relating to the Order of Souls Trading Company. These quests require players to locate and defeat the named Skeleton Captain (or Skeleton Crew) who drop Bounty Skulls as reward. Ashen variants of Bounty Quests will lead exclusively to islands within The Devil's Roar.

Where to Find[]

Bounty Quests can be acquired from:

The Quest[]

Once Player Crews have acquired a Bounty Quest they can access it from the Map Radial Menu, viewed with the Primary Use button (Keyboard White Mouse Left.png/360 RT.png) and showed to others with Secondary Use (Keyboard White Mouse Right.png/360 LT.png).

The Bounties[]

Each Bounty Map lists 1-4 Skeleton Captains or Skeleton Crews to be found at a specified Island location. Once at the island, players can find their bounties either by seeking a large group of Bounty Skeletons, indicated by their coloured clothing, or by following ominous music that will lead to the group's spawn point. All Skeletons part of this quest will spawn at this single location.

Bounty Skeletons often appear in several waves that must be fought before the final wave with the named Captain and Crew spawn. The type of skeletons encountered can vary among regular Skeletons, Gold Skeletons, Plant Skeletons or Shadow Skeletons. Each wave will be of a particular type, while the exact type of the Captain and Crew are illustrated on the Bounty itself.

The quest is considered complete once all named Skeleton Captains and Skeleton Crews of the Bounty Quest are defeated.


Every named Skeleton Captain and Skeleton Crew drop a Bounty Skull of varying quality, with Ashen Bounty Skulls acquired from Ashen Bounty Quests. These Skulls can be sold to any Order of Souls Representative in any Outpost or the Reaper's Bones Representative at The Reaper’s Hideout for Gold and Company Reputation. Athena's Fortune Emissary Quest and Athena's Fortune Voyage Bounty Maps can reward players with a Skull of Ancient Fortune or Villainous Skull of Ancient Fortune.

Emissary Mechanics[]

Any Crews sailing as Order of Souls Emissaries or Athena's Fortune Emissaries can gain Emissary Grade Reputation for completing Bounty Maps. Order of Souls Emissaries gain Grade Reputation for any Bounty Maps, whereas Athena's Fortune Emissaries gain Grade Reputation for Bounty Maps found in Bottle Quests or Athena's Fortune Voyages, but not from Mercenary Voyages. The Emissary Grade Reputation bonus does not apply for any other Trading Company Emissaries. Grade Reputation is given for each defeated Skeleton Captain.


  • Many of the Skeletons names are references to current or previous Rare employees.