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Bounty Skulls
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Type Treasure
Company Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls

Bounty Skulls are a type of Treasure that can be found all over Sea of Thieves. These Skulls are the cursed remains of undead Skeleton Captains still possessing memories and secrets of their past lives. The Order of Souls Madames have acquired the skills and magical know-how to retrieve these memories from the skulls and shape these into Maps that lead to the Treasure hidden by these Captains in their past lives. As such, the Outpost Order of Souls Representatives are willing to offer Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value for these Skulls. The main source of Bounty Skulls are Skeleton Captains who can appear either emergently or as a part of Bounty Map Quests on Islands.


A Player can only carry one Bounty Skull at a time and cannot use any other items while carrying them. When dropped, Bounty Skulls emit a light blue glint from far away, making them easier to spot. Bounty Skulls will float to the top when dropped in Water, however they will start sinking to the bottom after 5 minutes have passed. Skulls dropped on land or on the shoreline will stay in-game for a long time. Untouched Bounty Skulls will disappear when an Island resets. Skulls that have been dropped in Deep Waters will disappear after sinking to the bottom. Every Skull can be caught with a Ship's Harpoon. Up to three Bounty Skulls can also be placed in any Container Chests. When closed, Container Chests cover the light blue glint of the Skulls. They can also be used to move multiple Skulls at once.

Like any Treasure, the main use of Bounty Skulls is to sell them for Gold and Reputation.

The Ashen Winds Skull, left behind by defeated Ashen Lords, are unique Bounty Skulls that can also be used as a Fire-breathing Weapon. The attack can be performed by holding down Primary Use. As the attack is used, the crystals in the skull start to dim, until the Skull can no longer breathe fire. The value of the Skull is dependent on the charge left on its crystals.

Where to Find?[]

Bounty Skulls are most commonly found via Bounty Maps, which lead players to a specific Island that are home to 1-4 Crews of Skeleton Captains. Bounty Maps can be received as singular Quests or as a part of Order of Souls Voyages. When on a marked Island, Players have to locate the Skeleton Crews, which can be of any of the five types: Bone, Gold, Plant, Shadow or Ashen. Most Skeleton Captains are preceded by a couple of regular Skeleton waves before they make their appearance. Skeleton Captains have more health than their regular crewmates. The health of the skeletons is dependent on the difficulty of the Voyage. Once a Captain is defeated, it will leave behind a random Bounty Skull, the type of which is notified to the whole Crew. Captain Ghost Ships usually drop Ghostly Bounty Skulls. Singular Bounty Skulls can also be found on Islands or as rewards for completing any Encounters on the Seas.

Emissary Mechanics[]

Any Player Crews sailing as Order of Souls Emissaries can receive Emissary Grade Reputation for picking up and putting Bounty Skulls on their Ship for the first time. This benefit is also applicable for Reaper's Bones Emissaries who gain Emissary Reputation for any Treasure items that they steal. Selling Bounty Skulls to the two companies as Emissaries does not give Emissary Grade Reputation, however Players do receive Emissary Value, which is counted for the respective Company Emissary Ledger leaderboards. The higher the Crew's Emissary Grade, the more Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value they receive for selling Bounty Skulls.


Bounty Skulls can be cashed in to Order of Souls Madames at any Outpost for Gold and Reputation with the Company. As stated before, Order of Souls Emissaries will also receive Emissary Value with the Order for selling the Skulls while flying an Emissary Flag. Being an Emissary also increases the Gold and Reputation gains for selling Bounty Skulls. Alternatively, Crews can choose to sell any acquired Bounty Skulls to the Reaper's Bones Representative at The Reaper's Hideout instead for equal Gold and Emissary Value gains, but less Reputation gains with the Reapers. Bounty Skulls also have various achievable Commendations tied to selling them, offering players additional rewards, such as Titles, Doubloons or Reputation.

The following is a table of the multiplicative Rewards for selling Bounty Skulls as Graded Emissaries.

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

When sold, the whole Crew is rewarded with equal amounts of Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value, while Alliance Members will earn half of the Gold and Reputation Gains, but no Emissary Value.

Most Bounty Skulls have a variable value with the minimum and maximum reported Gold rewards documented in the tables below.

Types of Bounty Skulls[]

There are various types of Bounty Skulls with varying Gold, Reputation and Emissary Values:

Regular Bounty Skulls[]

These are the basic Bounty Skulls mainly acquired from killing Skeleton Captains during Bounty Map Quests.

Bounty Skull Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Foul Bounty Skull 90-180 Gold 405 The lowliest of the skulls, plain in appearance.
Disgraced Bounty Skull 180-350 Gold 810 Covered in dark metal, and decorated with simple mystical markings that emit a mild glow.
Hateful Bounty Skull 350-750 Gold 1620 Covered in a silver polished metal, and decorated with mystical markings that emit a distinguishable glow.
Villainous Bounty Skull 750-1,450 Gold 3240 Covered in a golden polished metal, decorated with mystical markings that emit an intense glow. The top of the skull has been cracked open, with pieces of bone suspending in midair.

Coral Skulls[]

These Bounty Skulls are found in Siren Shrines and Siren Treasuries.

Bounty Skull Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Foul Coral Skull 158-315 Gold 711 A plain bone skull with barnacles and green algae.
Disgraced Coral Skull 315-613 Gold 1419 A plain bone skull with green coral sprouts.
Hateful Coral Skull 613-1,313 Gold 2835 A cracked bone skull with blue coral.
Villainous Coral Skull 1,313-2,538 Gold 5670 A bone skull with chunks of coral, and a purple starfish. An intense light glows from inside, seeping through the cracked top of the skull, with pieces of the skull suspended in midair.

Ashen Bounty Skulls[]

These Bounty Skulls are commonly found in The Devil's Roar region.

Bounty Skull Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Ashen Foul Bounty Skull 180-350 Gold 810 The Devil's Roar version of the Foul Bounty Skull.
Ashen Disgraced Bounty Skull 350-750 Gold 1620 The Devil's Roar version of the Disgraced Bounty Skull.
Ashen Hateful Bounty Skull 750-1,450 Gold 3240 The Devil's Roar version of the Hateful Bounty Skull.
Ashen Villainous Bounty Skull 1,450-2,800 Gold 6480 The Devil's Roar version of the Villainous Bounty Skull.

Ghostly Skulls[]

These Bounty Skulls belong to the crew of Ghost Ships and are received as prizes for defeating Ghost Captain Ships.

Bounty Skull Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Skull of the Damned 1,050-1,250 Gold 3480 These Skulls belong to the Crew of Ghost Ships and are usually dropped in numbers by a Ghost Captain Ship. Ghostly and plain in appearance.
Captain Skull of the Damned 1,700-2,950 Gold 7290 These Skulls belong to the Captains of Ghost Ships. One is dropped by Ghost Captain Ships per Ghost Ship Voyage and Ghost Fleet. Ghostly in appearance, baring similarities to the Skeleton Captain's Skull.

Powerful Skulls[]

These Bounty Skulls are more Powerful and valuable than other Skulls, received as prizes for dangerous Encounters on the Seas:

Bounty Skull Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Skeleton Captain's Skull 850-2,200 Gold 4860 Commonly found from sunk Skeleton Ships, or by vanquishing Megalodons or Kraken tentacle.

A bone skull held together by leather straps, decorated with golden teeth and gold nuggets for eyes. An an intense magical glow is bursting from the cracked top of the skull.

Stronghold Skull 1,800-4,200 Gold 9720 Most commonly found locked away behind Fortress Vaults or from vanquishing Skeleton Fort Skeleton Lords.

A dark bone skull held together with a leather strap, decorated with mystical markings, golden teeth and glowing gemstones. The markings and crack emit an intense glow.

Gold Hoarder's Skull 10,000 Gold n/a Earned by defeating the Gold Hoarder during the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.

A bone skull decorated with green gemstones for eyes, a medallion stamped into the forehead, golden teeth, and the lower jaw replaced entirely by sculpted gold.

Ashen Winds Skull 4,000-10,000 Gold 15750 Earned by defeating the Ashen Lords during the Ashen Winds World Event.
Can be used as a flamethrower weapon by players, but decreases in value the more it's used.

A large bone skull that emits a fiery glow from its cracks, eyes, nose, and teeth.



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