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Bounty Voyage
Type Voyage
Company Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls

Bounty Voyages are Voyages offered by the Order of Souls Trading Company in Sea of Thieves. These Voyages take Crews to different islands where they can find a Skeleton Crew and accompanying captain.


Bounty Skulls are earned from each Skeleton Captain and can be sold for Gold and Reputation.

The Voyage needs to be put up on a Ship's Voyage Table and voted for before the Quest can be seen in the Quest Radial Menu.

Any Players can take part in a Bounty Voyage if one has been put for a vote on the Voyage Table by another Crewmate.

The Voyage[]

After starting a Bounty Voyage, your crew is provided with a Bounty Map that send Players to find a crew of Skeletons inhabiting a nearby island. Upon arrival at the island an eerie music can be heard and will get louder the closer you are to the Skeletons. After defeating waves of Skeletons a Skeleton Captain will emerge. After defeating all Skeleton Captains the voyage will be considered complete.

Higher level voyages increase the number of maps, amount of Skeleton Captains, and the overall value of the skulls earned.

Purchasing an Ashen Bounty Voyage at Morrow's Peak Outpost provides the same experience as a normal Bounty Voyage, but all maps will be islands in The Devil's Roar and Skeleton Captains will drop Ashen Bounty Skulls.


Each Skeleton Captain defeated will drop a Bounty Skull, including a potential to drop:

Listed in order of value upon selling

The Ashen Bounty Voyage provides Ashen Bounty Skulls, which are higher value variants of the normal Bounty Skulls awarded for defeating Skeleton Captains. These Bounty Skulls can be returned to the Order of Souls Representatives or The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper's Hideout for Gold and Reputation.

Tips, Notes & Trivia[]

  • The type of Skeleton Captain and the amount of them can be seen on the Bounty Map.
    • However, the Bounty Map will only indicate the type of the last waves of skeletons, which will include the Skeleton Crew and Skeleton Captains.
    • If Skeletons shown on the same Bounty Map are of different types, they will appear in different waves, with each wave containing Skeletons all of the same type.
  • The music that plays can be useful when finding the location of the Skeletons on larger islands.
  • Your ship's Cannons, Geysers on islands in The Devil's Roar, and firebombs are all useful tools to easily defeat the waves of Skeletons.