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Breath of the Sea
Breath of the Sea.png
Type Treasure
Company Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders
Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance
Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls
The Hunter's Call icon.png The Hunter's Call
Reaper's Bones icon.png Reaper's Bones

Breath of the Sea is a treasure that can be only be found inside any of the Siren Shrines or Siren Treasuries during an active Secret of the Sea quest obtained by Coral Message in a Bottle. They may be sold to any Trading Company, with the exception of Athena's Fortune.

Where to find[]

Breath of the Sea can be found by the following sources:


Image Name Base
Emissary Value
Sapphire Breath of the Sea.png Sapphire Breath of the Sea 4,000 Gold 12,000 Blue variant.
Emerald Breath of the Sea.png Emerald Breath of the Sea 6,000 Gold 18,000 Green variant.
Ruby Breath of the Sea.png Ruby Breath of the Sea 8,000 Gold 24,000 Red variant.


  • Players may receive multiple quests for the same Siren Shrine or Treasury, resulting in multiple Breath of the Seas (one per quest) being available at once.
  • The Breath of the Sea reward isn't visible to other crews until it's been picked up by the crew that owns that quest.


  • The Breath of the Sea bottles use the same 3D model as many other decorative bottles, such as those that are hung around the Order of Souls & Emporium tent.
  • According to Becky Hewitt, Game Designer for Rare Ltd, the Breath of the Sea "contain the same stuff as the Siren Gems [...] this this kind of magic inside of it". [1]

Patch history[]

  • 2.5.0
    • Players searching for the Breath of the Sea will no longer find that it disappears if they take an extended amount of time to complete the Voyage.