The Brigantine is a sailable ship in Sea of Thieves, released in the Content Update: Cursed Sails.


A double mast vessel with a maximum crew capacity of three. The Brigantine fulfills the medium ship role featuring twice the firepower of the Sloop and more maneauverability and simplicity than the Galleon.

Featuring two sails, decks and cannons on either side, Brigantines can have a crew size of up to three.


This ship is slightly harder to take down than a Sloop due to its size and decks and can fulfill the niche for a quick and sturdy vessel for most voyages. The two cannons, mounted on either side, present acceptable firepower in engagements with rival crews, which is well suited for an experienced ex-Sloop crew.

The Brigantine is also easier to manage than a Galleon due to the two sails and the anchor is located midship.

It is recommended a minimum of 2 players to operate this ship.

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