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Briggsy's Chest
Briggsys Chest.png
Type Container Chest
Source The Legendary Storyteller icon.png The Legendary Storyteller
Related Chalice Key
Crown Key
Base Gold Reward 250-520 Gold.png

The Briggsy's Chest is a special type of Container Chest Quest Item that contains an item needed for the The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale. It can only be acquired as part of specific Tall Tales and requires a Chalice Key and a Crown Key to be unlocked.


Briggsy's Chest is obtained during the The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale.


A wooden plank that points players to the location of the Ancient Crown.


  • Cannot be opened without a Chalice Key and a Crown Key, which is found separately from progressing through the Tall Tale.
  • Can be used to carry and transport smaller Treasure Items.
  • An empty Briggsy's Chest can be sold to any Trading Companies for around 250-520 Gold.png, but no Reputation or Emissary Value.
  • Briggsy's Chest can be kept by Players even after finishing the related Tall Tales.
  • An empty Briggsy's Chest can store up to three smaller Treasure Items, such as Trinkets, Bounty Skulls, Mermaid Gems or Dark Relics.
  • An empty Briggsy's Chest can also store most Tall Tale Quest Items.
  • A Briggsy's Chest hides the glow and quells the sounds of the Treasure Items inside, however the Chest itself can be seen from far away by a white glint typical to Treasure Chests.
  • Container Chests are usually used to transport three smaller Treasure Items at one time to save time on turning in.
  • The Pirate Chat Wheel Commands of this chest are identical to other Container Chests

Pirate Chat Wheel[]

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the Briggsy's Chest:

Briggsys Chest Chat.png