Bright Pondie

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Bright Pondie
Bright Pondie.png
Type Fish
Location Ponds

The Bright Pondie is a species of Fish caught in Ponds. It is a form of consumable Food, and can be cooked for healing effects.


  • Fish of all forms can be cooked on the Ship's Stove, or Campfires on Islands.
  • Fish can be eaten to regain lost health. Each fish can be eaten twice. Cooked Fish give a Health Regeneration bonus when eaten.
  • Fish of any type can be sold to The Hunter's Call at Seaposts for Gold and Reputation (Half-eaten fish cannot be sold).

Where to Find

  • Bright Pondie can be caught in Ponds.
  • Bright Pondies require no Bait to catch.
  • Rare fish varieties like the Bright Pondie are hard to come across and are worth significantly more Gold and experience than the other four varieties.


(Fish only stack if of the same type, trophy status, and cooked status.)

In-game description

"Also called 'Marooned Sailor's Supper', these little fishies are a staple of islander diets."


  • Half-eaten fish can't be stacked with fully intact fish.

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