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Captain Flameheart
Captain Flameheart.png
Type NPC
Location Ghost Fleet
Related Ashen Lords
Voice Actor Nicholas Asbury
Disambig.png This article is about a Skeleton Lord encountered in-game. For his adopted son featured in the book, Tales from the Sea of Thieves, see Captain Flameheart Junior.
"This world has gotten so much weaker… Festivals! Alliances! Squabbling over trinkets! I judge it unworthy.

But know this, pirates. Know this, merfolk. Know this, Sea of Thieves… I have returned, and the fires of my vengeance shall consume you all!"

— Captain Flameheart, The Seabound Soul

Captain Flameheart (aka King Flameheart or Captain Flameheart Senior) is a notorious Ashen Skeleton Lord, and the main antagonist of the Sea of Thieves.

Flameheart had been a highly anticipated character, known well before the release of Sea of Thieves. He appeared in the E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer, and his statue has been a main feature at numerous conventions and events attended by Rare Ltd. Despite this, his in-game presence had only been referenced until his introduction in the Fall 2019 release of The Seabound Soul. He has since played a pivotal role in the unfolding events in Sea of Thieves.

There are two individuals who have taken the pirate moniker of "Captain Flameheart" - a father and adoptive son. Captain Flameheart Senior, the father, is currently the only Captain Flameheart referred to in-game by this title. His son appeared in game as the Servant of the Flame, though this took quite some time to be confirmed.


Early Life[]

After having sailed the Sea of Thieves for an unknown amount of time, he would use the riches he plundered to buy an estate in the outside world. It was also during that time that he adopted Flameheart Junior soon after he was born, whom he had rescued from unknown circumstances.

Raising Junior as his son, Senior gave him the best life and ensured that his son was given the best education to become a scholar. He also taught Junior how to swim, fight and sail on a small keel boat. Senior would tell tales and read stories to Junior which would later inspired him to become a pirate like his father and seek out the Sea of Thieves for himself.

According to Junior's recorded account, Senior would pass away, however it is assumed he had faked his death unbeknownst to his son, and returned to the Sea of Thieves.

Return to the Sea of Thieves[]

It is unknown exactly when Flameheart Senior first sailed on the Burning Blade, but it is said that as a crewmember he would lead a mutiny against its Captain, a mysterious figure known simple as "Cap'n", and leave the former Captain mutinied on a desolate island. With the Burning Blade under his command, Flameheart Senior would amass a substantial fleet of ships.

It is assumed that during this time Flameheart Senior would become an Ashen Skeleton Lord, though the circumstances surrounding his transformation are unknown. He would also harness the power of the Ashen Lords, and bestow these powers to his most loyal followers, including Red Ruth, who would create the cursed cannons aboard the Burning Blade.

With these powers and the cursed cannons, he would almost bring the Sea of Thieves to its knees as he sought to claim it for his own, as king.

He would terrorize the Sea of Thieves for many years and clash with the Pirate Lord, causing the sinking of Ramsey's ship, the Magpie's Wing[1].

The Seabound Soul[]

Main article: The Seabound Soul

Untold circumstances would lead to Captain Flameheart immobilization, with his soul bound to his skull, by a similar curse commonly practiced by Captain Graymarrow.

Old Horatio and the crew of the Ashen Dragon transported his body to his final resting place. During this voyage, they came under attack from two pirate ships under the command of the treasure-seeking Martha Jane and Randal 'The Vandal' Stone. Both ships were easily decimated by the infernal cannons of the fiery ship, and both Captain Stone and Martha Jane soul's were also cursed in the same manner as Flameheart.

The Ashen Dragon made land at Flintlock Peninsula in The Devil's Roar, where Captain Flameheart was laid to rest, entombed in a sealed chamber.

Nearly 10 years later[2], the Masked Stranger and Stitcher Jim put into motion a plot tricking Duke, the Bilge Rats, and pirates across the Sea of Thieves to enlist the unwitting Sir Arthur Pendragon into freeing Captain Flameheart from his curse using the Sword of Souls, believing that the Captain was, too, a victim of the Ashen Dragon like Martha Jane and Randal Stone.

To Pendragon's dismay, Flameheart's burning skull lit up the sky as he promised to bring his vengeance upon the Sea of Thieves.

Heart of Fire[]

Main article: Heart of Fire

After being released from his curse, Flameheart retreated to his lair, the Heart of Fire, beneath The Devil's Thirst. With the assistance of Stitcher Jim, and a Chest of Rage containing the bound souls of the Blackwyche crew, Flameheart pushed forth his plan to unleash the Ashen Lords and his flagship, the Burning Blade, upon the Sea of Thieves.

Captain Pendragon and some brave pirates ventured into the Heart of Fire to stop Flameheart, but the Skeleton Lord was unconcerned, confident of his plan for the return of his army. It's then that Stitcher Jim found himself fooled by his master, having his arm burned by the flames of the cursed chest, becoming a sacrifice to Flameheart, soon to become an Ashen Lord himself. Despite being too late to stop Flameheart's plans, Pendragon is able to retrieve Jim's Chest of Rage, and use the Sword of Souls on it to rescue his crew.

The Reaper's Bones[]

Main article: Reaper's Bones

Coinciding with Flameheart's return, the construction which the Masked Stranger had been overseeing, while under the guise of assisting the Bilge Rats, had come to completion. This became the home to a mysterious new company called the Reaper's Bones, lead by The Servant of the Flame, who stands for "true piracy", a school of thought following closely to that of Flameheart. While the Skeleton Lord is never strictly mentioned, the company's insignia depicts the cursed chalice associated with both Flameheart Senior and Junior. The company's decor also utilizes Skeleton Glyphs quite heavily.

Haunted Shores[]

Main article: Haunted Shores

Furthering his plan, Flameheart unleashed an armada of Ghost Ships, summoned from the Sea of the Damned, lead by The Ashen Dragon and the Burning Blade. These ships haunt the shores across the Sea of Thieves aiming to invoke fear into its inhabitants while he observes and taunts from above.

The Ashen Lords[]

Main article: Ashen Winds

Following closely to Flameheart's spectral fleet was the appearance of four Ashen Lords loyal to Flameheart, summoned by Ashen Skeletons using ritual items previously spotted on sketches by the Masked Stranger.

Fort of the Forgotten[]

Seeking a new Warsmith, Flameheart captured Wonda, believing that she would take her sister's place. In rage at her refusal, he kidnapped everyone else at Golden Sands Outpost to blackmail her which did little to persuade her. It was revealed that Flameheart had captured an Ancient and seek the Veil of the Ancients.

Shrouded Deep[]

Flameheart sends his ghost fleet in an attempt to retrieve the Veil of the Ancients from the Shrouded Ghost.

Legend of the Veil[]

Flameheart is mentioned by the Servant of the Flame in the Haunted Islands and Shipwreck Graveyards Modules. He Summons a haunted fort at the end of the voyage to secure one of the Veil stones.


(During The Seabound Soul icon.png The Seabound Soul)

Flameheart's Return:


Whoever this poor soul may be, the Ashen Dragon went to great lengths to hide them away. Stand back, and I’ll release them from their prison!

Mysterious Voice

Free! At! LAST!
All those long years spent trapped inside my own remains... Betrayed by my own kind...
Dreaming of the day I would be at liberty to once again burn my name across the waves. CAPTAIN! FLAMEHEART!

Captain Flameheart

I see you, little pirates... The ones to whom I owe my gratitude. Thanks to your pathetic act of mercy, your sword has set me free!
The Ashen Dragon was never my prison. It was my funeral pyre, crewed by those who were loyal to my cause.
Ashen Lords who still long for the thrill of battle, and shall soon be reawakened.
This world has gotten so much weaker... Festivals! Alliances! Squabbling over trinkets! I judge it unworthy.
But know this, pirates. Know this, merfolk. Know this, Sea of Thieves... I have returned, and the fires of my vengeance shall consume you all!


...What have we done?...

(During Heart of Fire icon.png Heart of Fire)

Flameheart's Taunts in the Heart of Fire:


Entering the lair:

So, you've come to steal my chest and stop the ritual?
How brave you are! Such a pity you won't leave here alive.
If you really think you can make it through, I invite you to try. It should be most amusing...

Proceeding deeper into the lair:

No-one will ever know how you died in here.

Before the first lava lake:

I'd tread carefully, if I were you.

Before the central room:

Turn back now, and I might let you live.

At the central room:

These catacombs were here long before you were born. They will endure long after you have been burned to ashes.

When returning to previous areas:

Feeling a little lost?

Further taunts:


When opening a Pathway:

Another door opens... Just smell that sulphur! It's the sweet scent of death... Your death.

Before a Trap or Skeleton room:

Let's see how you deal with this

After beating a room:

Oh, that was just the beginning

Before a room:

You will fail, and you will burn...

After a room:

This foolishness has gone on long enough! Leave now, or be destroyed! I said LEAVE!

Before a room:

You're not strong enough to face me!

After a room:

You've been lucky so far - but luck runs out.

Before a room:

Look at you, scurrying around like a rat in my trap...

After a room:

I have commanded armies, and yet you defy me. How arrogant you are.

Before a room:

You will never make it through in time!

After a room:

You won't last much longer

Flameheart & Jim in the Heart of Fire:


All of that wasted effort and you were still too slow!
The ritual is already underway.
It requires only one thing more to summon forth an Ashen Lord...


Behold, the galleon that once ruled these waters!

Stitcher Jim

The return of the Ashen Lords - it's going to be spectacular!
(Screaming in pain)
My arm... It's burning... What have you done to me?! Aaaaaahhhh!


...An unwitting sacrifice.

Stitcher Jim

You... You tricked me! We were supposed to be in this together!


What a contemptible little man.
He should be grateful for what I have done to him.
Soon he will possess true strength - the strength of an Ashen Lord!


Take the chest, if you still desire it. I have no further need of it now.
Until we meet again...

(During the Ghost Fleet World Event)

Flameheart's taunts:


When a Ship Approaches the Fleet

A ship approaches... I see you, little vessel.
Before you lies the vanguard of my fleet...
Spectral vessels that I have summoned from the Sea of the Damned itself!
When my armada is assembled, we shall burn our way across the Sea of Thieves...
...obliterating anyone who dares stand against us.
I suggest you turn back now and savour the time you have left.
Unless, that is, you wish to experience the true might...
...of Captain Flameheart!

~ ~ ~

My Keep at the Heart of Fire... My Ashen Lords...
...all are merely facets of a greater plan for this world!
Your self-righteous obstinance is proof enough that the Sea of Thieves is infested...
...with 'honour' and 'sacrifice'. DISEASED!
The fires I shall bring will purify the waves. I shall reign above an empire of flame!
And for my first decree... I ORDER YOUR ANNIHILATION!

~ ~ ~

Why have you chosen to stand against me?
Do you believe that you are more deserving than I?
Better-suited to impose your will upon the seas?
That you alone know 'how things should be'?
You know NOTHING! I have walked beyond the veil, and it gave me...

When a Crew of Pirate Legends approaches the Fleet

• Ah, the Pirate Lord's puppets have arrived!
• It seems that Pirate Legends wish to challenge me!

When an Alliance approaches the Fleet

• An alliance! Against me? Ha ha ha ha…

General Taunts

• You think you're worthy of facing me?
• You sail only as long as I wish it!
• I expected more resistance.
• The waves are mine to command!
• I'm just getting started!
• You call this bravery? I call it stupidity!
• Was that it?
• Can you match my strength?
• Don't you realise you're outnumbered?
• All that you see is under my control!
• You would do well to avoid me!
• How much longer can you last out here?
• My galleons will overwhelm you!
• You're no match for me!
• Let's see you handle this!
• Is this your first time at the helm?
• You won't last forever!
• You dare defy me?!
• I'll show you no mercy!
• Tremble at the might of Flameheart!

Later Stage Taunts

• You're starting to annoy me.
• Surely you don't expect to triumph?
• Surely you don't expect to win?
• The time for games is over!
• Your supplies must be dwindling by now!
• This isn't going as planned....
• I'm losing my patience...
• Your luck is about to run out!
• I'm amazed you've survived this long.
• I've been complacent, but no longer!
• Surely you realise this is a lost cause?

At the start of the Boss wave

• You fought hard, but the battle ends here!
• This skirmish shall end with my Burning Blade!
• To me, my Burning Blade!

Boss Stage Taunts

• This can't be happening!
• I'll finish this once and for all!
• It's time to end this!
• ENOUGH! Leave, now, or be destroyed!
• Your suffering shall know NO bounds!
• You will regret this insult!
• How? HOW can you still be alive?
• I refuse to be defeated by YOU!
• You've signed your own death sentence!
• Keep your distance, fool!
• I'll tear your world apart!
• So many ways I can kill you...
• I'll never surrender. NEVER!

When his Ghost Ships are defeated

• Too many losses, I-- I don't understand!
• I need more ships!
• I shall sink you in kind!
• Insolent Wretch!
• How can this be?!
• NO! Cease this at once!
• Another ship destroyed?!
• Barely a scratch!
• I am tired of your interference!
• Go ahead, waste your supplies!
• What is one ship to me? I have so many....
• I'm not beaten yet!
• This is far from over!
• The odds are still in my favour!
• With each loss, I grow more determined!
• Enjoy your victory while you can!
• That accomplished nothing...
• Is that the best you can do?
• That was only the beginning!

When new Ghost Ships appear

• A new ship... Excellent!
• Another new arrival...
• My fleet grows stronger...
• I have whole fleets at my command!
• Come forth and fight for me!
• The might of my forces increases!
• The Sea of the Damned provides...
• If a ship falls, another shall take its place!

When his ships hit you

• A direct hit!
• An excellent shot!
• You're mine!
• There's no escape!
• Good... Good!
• There's more where that came from!
• I'm unstoppable!
• I'll drown you all!
• Keep firing!
• I'll reduce you to ashes!
• Let's see you burn!

When a Ship leaves the area

• I knew it! Not pirates, but cowards....
• Decided to live a little longer? How wise...
• So, you do possess a survival instinct!
• Run and hide, you fools! Ha ha ha!
• Ha ha ha! That's it, turn and flee!
• Ha ha ha!

When returning to the area

• Back for more? As you wish...
• You've returned! How stubborn you are.

After defeating the Burning Blade

• Savour this while you can... Until we meet again!
• Noooo, my beautiful galleon!
•My Flagship destroyed?! NOOOOOoooooo!
•This is a temporary setback, I shall return...!
•I choose to withdraw... FOR NOW!


  • Captain Flameheart is unique compared to the Ashen Lords he created, he is often described as an Ashen Lord but was not created in the same way as they were, nor does he have the red-crystallised features of an Ashen Lord.
  • Captain Flameheart may have a deeper motive for waging war over the Sea of Thieves, based on the dialogue from his Ghost Fleet encounter.
  • Captain Flameheart's sarcophagus is made out of stone and appears to be sealed with blood.
  • Captain Flameheart is missing a finger, his left ring finger, which can be found hung around Stitcher Jim's neck.
  • You can hear a unique track during the Seabound Soul, seemingly a requiem for Flameheart. This is heard during the first scene of Old Horatio leading the funeral procession after departing the Ashen Dragon.
  • Captain Flameheart's theme, Who Shall Not Be Returning, shares melodies with the Siren Song found in the Shrine of the Coral Tomb and the track, Heart's Desire.
  • Captain Flameheart was betrayed by "his own kind". Whether this was other Skeleton Lords or Pirates is unknown.
  • Flameheart shares a common view point of the ancient warriors specifically the great warrior who is said to thirst for war and still lives on. A grave at the Reaper's Hideout had glowing flowers that were in the shape of the great warrior constellation. These pieces of information have lead many to speculate that Flameheart may be an Ancient or at the very least shares a great respect for The bloodthirsty past of the Ancients.
  • Flameheart's motto "Pirates for all Eternity" as well as his connection to the skeletal curse chalice; may indicate that Flameheart and the fabeled Cap'n are the same entity.

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