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Cargo Crates
Cargo Crates.png
Type Treasure

Cargo Crates are a type of Treasure Items that are valuable to the Merchant Alliance who are willing to pay if the goods are kept in good conditions and are delivered on time. Cargo Crates are either Commissioned from regular or Devil's Roar Merchant Voyages, or found beached on Islands. Each crate has a delivery address on it with Crates tied to Voyages or Quests requiring to be sold within a time limit. The current date and time can be tracked with the Pocket Watch.

Types of Cargo[]

There are three main types of Cargo Crates in Sea of Thieves with each of them having a Devil's Roar variant. Regular Cargo:

  • Crate of Plants: These Plants require to be watered with a Bucket or submerged in water every now and then to keep them from wilting.
  • Crate of Luxurious Cloth: These delicate sheets cannot come in contact with Sea Water or they will start to rot. Keep them covered during Storms!
  • Crate of Rum Bottles: Fragile bottles of every Pirate's favorite drink. The bottles can form cracks from the slightest jumps. Try to keep the Ship from crashing or combat while transporting these Crates!

Devil's Roar Cargo:

Cargo Value and Degradation[]

Cargo will deteriorate in value as it degrades in quality, with no way to reverse the effects. The gold rewards for the different states of the Crates are as follows:

Regular Cargo:

  • Crate of Plants - 700 Gold
    • Crate of Parched Plants - 500 Gold
    • Crate of Wilted Plants - 300 Gold
    • Crate of Shriveled Plants - 100 Gold
  • Crate of Luxurious Cloth - 700 Gold
    • Crate of Wet Cloth - 500 Gold
    • Crate of Soaked Cloth - 300 Gold
    • Crate of Waterlogged Cloth - 100 Gold
  • Crate of Rum Bottles - 700 Gold
    • Crate of Cracked Rum Bottles - 500 Gold
    • Crate of Splintered Rum Bottles - 300 Gold
    • Crate of Smashed Rum Bottles - 100 Gold

Devil's Roar Cargo:

  • Crate of Devil's Plants - 1,400 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Parched Plants - 1,000 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Wilted Plants - 600 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Shriveled Plants - 200 Gold
  • Crate of Devil's Cloth - 1,400 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Wet Cloth - 1,000 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Soaked Cloth - 600 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Waterlogged Cloth - 200 Gold
  • Crate of Devil's Rum Bottles - 1,400 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Cracked Rum Bottles - 1,000 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Splintered Rum Bottles - 600 Gold
    • Crate of Devil's Smashed Rum Bottles - 200 Gold

Each type of cargo can be sold past the due date for 350 Gold each.


  • The Cargo Crates found beached on Islands have been found to be especially buggy, as sometimes they have no discernible Delivery Address, the Address is to a place that does not exist or the Addressee refuses to pay for the Goods.