Sea of Thieves cargo run image1

Cargo Runs are a player quest activity in Sea of Thieves.

Cargo Runs were introduced to the game in the Forsaken Shores DLC, and came a week after the initial update. Cargo runs includes new vendors who will task willing pirates with cargo to transport to an NPC in a different location. There are currently three types of cargo - Rum bottles, Cloth, and Plants. Each one will need to be taken care of in a different way.

  • Rum Bottles - These break easily, so no jostling around or leaving near the ship's hull where they can possibly take damage.
  • Cloth - These will rot if they get wet and are allowed to stay that way. Best to keep these in the captains quarters, and avoid the lower deck.
  • Plants These will need watering. A plant that is not kept watered will wither and die.

Players who raid a boat to steal chests can take the other pirate's cargo, and deliver it themselves. Each cargo unit will have the destination attached to it. Pirates who's cargo was stolen, will, of course, know where the cargo was heading and may want to attempt to get it back before it arrives.


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