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TheGloriousSeaDog EquipmentShop Carlos.png
Type NPC
Location The Glorious Sea Dog

Carlos is the shopkeep at the equipment shop at The Glorious Sea Dog. He fantasizes over the demise of pirates, and how they're dressed when they die.


Dialogue icon.png

Are you sure you're feeling alright today? I'm Carlos, seller of clothes and recorder of demises.

It's time I got some new clothes. What's popular at the moment?

It depends on how much dying you'd like to do. I'd recommend a lot!
Plenty of pirates expire dressed as Bilge Rats, it seems to bring out splendid risk taking in them.
The Sovereign clothing wearers are too cautious though, not enough passing away by far.
But I think our new Glorious Sea Dog pieces will attract attention,the kind that sends everyone to the Ghost Ship hopefully.

Have you even been to the Ghost Ship, Carlos?

Oh my goodness, no.
Hearing about how pirates ended up there is wonderful, but it's not a place I'm in a hurry to visit.
Just listening to all the fascinating tales of unfortunate demises is enough for me, thank you very much.

What do you think is the worst way a pirate can die?

Worst? Oh no, they're all wonderful in their own unique way.
Drowning in a shipwreck, your sodden clothes dragging you down as your lungs fill with water!
The shower of teeth, sparkling in the midday sun, when you get hit in the face by a cannonball!
Even a simple snake bite, with the poisonous agony it promises, has its own undeniable charm.
I can't pick a favourite, I really can't!