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Catch Fancy Fish in The Ancient Isles
Catch Fancy Fish in The Ancient Isles.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Event Festival of Fishing
Location Larinna
Cost Gold.png

Catch Fancy Fish in The Ancient Isles is a one chapter Voyage available during Week 2 of the Festival of Fishing. The voyage is obtainable from Larinna for free and will task players to catch Ancientscales from specific islands within The Ancient Isles.

The Voyage[]

The voyage begins by receiving a note from Larinna instructing the player to visit Stephen's Spoils to retrieve Merrick's Fishing Map, with the option of speaking to Merrick for fishing related tips.

At the Seapost, Merrick's Fishing Map is located atop the shop counter in front of Stephen. This will add 3 Fishing Maps to the Quest Radial.

Each Fishing Map will lead to an island within The Ancient Isles with a circled fishing spot where an Ancientscale must be caught. Only one Ancientscale is required to be caught per island. The Voyage is complete once an Ancientscale has been caught from all three maps.


Speaking to Merrick will offer specific tips for catching Ancientscales and Stormfish, and also general tips for fishing and cooking.

Dialogue icon.png

You 'ere for Larinna's special event? Good on yer! Grab a map from the counter and share in Merrick's wisdom...

Which fish live around here?

In these parts? Ancientscales, mostly. They look like tiny sharks if you ask me. More tender, though.
The Almond Ancientscale's the most common, an' if you find a Bone Ancientscale, it's yer lucky day!
Course, you won't even be spotting any if don't get yerself some fat, juicy leeches to bait yer hook.
The soggy little beggars like it damp, so try digging right along the shoreline to find 'em. Lovely.

Can you teach me how to fish?

Course I can! Get your fishing rod and then select a leech from your Item Radial to use as bait.
Next, cast a line so your hook's in the water and wait for a fish to bite. You can usually spot 'em just before they do...
Once you've hooked a fish it'll start thrashing about. Keep it on the line by tugging your rod in the opposite direction.
When it calms down, that's when you reel the line in to bring it closer. Try that while the fish is moving an' you might lose it!
Reel it in close enough, and the fish is yours! Just be sure you've got room to carry it afterwards.

I'd like to try cooking fish, Merrick.

There's no 'try' about it, you just need a lit fire or a stove and it'll soon be dinnertime!
Mind you, them big lunkers, what we call Trophy Fish, they takes a bit longer in the pan to cook through and through.
I likes to let 'em sizzle for a minute and a half, or thereabouts, and then... Ooh, me mouth's waterin' now.

Any other tasty fish out there?

Well, long as you've got leeches to catch Ancientscales, you could always plunge into a storm somewhere on the seas.
Any time your ship's bell's dinging, it'll be rough enough to stir up some Stormfish for a leechy lunch!
Then there's Islehoppers - they don't care about bait, but they always stick close to certain islands. Why not see for yerself?



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