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Catch Fiery Fish in The Devil's Roar
Catch Fiery Fish in The Devil's Roar.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Event Festival of Fishing
Location Larinna
Cost Gold.png

Catch Fiery Fish in The Devil's Roar is a one chapter Voyage available during Week 3 of the Festival of Fishing. The voyage is obtainable from Larinna for free and will task players to catch Devilfish from specific islands within The Devil's Roar.

The Voyage[]

The voyage begins by receiving a note from Larinna instructing the player to visit Roaring Traders to retrieve Aifrick's Fishing Map, with the option of speaking to Aifrick for fishing related tips.

At the Seapost, Aifrick's Fishing Map is located atop the shop counter in front of Eleanor. This will add 3 Fishing Maps to the Quest Radial.

Each Fishing Map will lead to an island within The Devil's Roar with a circled fishing spot where a Devilfish must be caught. Only one Devilfish is required to be caught per island. The Voyage is complete once a Devilfish has been caught from all three maps.


Speaking to Aifrick will provide specific tips for catching Devilfish and Battlegills, and also general tips for fishing and cooking.

Dialogue icon.png

Hello. You must be here for the Festival... or was it Fishtival? Fishmanay? Whatever, there's a map on the counter that'll help you on the hunt.

There any fish around here?

Of course! They're called Devilfish, unsurprisingly, and they thrive in the Roar just fine.
You'll never hunt them down unless you've got a wriggly little grub or two to use as bait, however.
You can find grubs by digging around in the sand of most islands, a little way inland.

Any tips for catching a fish?

Step one, take out your fishing rod and select a grub from your Item Radial to use as bait.
Step two, find a body of water free from obstructions, cast your hook into it and wait.
Three, hook a fish and keep it on the line by tugging in the opposite direction it's trying to swim in.
Four, reel the line in when the fish is resting so you don't snap it. Simple as that.
It should go without saying that you'll need to have room to carry the fish once you've landed it.

What about cooking the fish?

That's always preferable. My family and I will pay you more for a well-cooked fish than a raw one.
Eating cooked meat provides the biggest health benefits, and the same is true of any fish you catch.
If you burn a fish by mistake, you can still eat it, but it'll be a poor excuse for a meal. Keep an eye on the pan!

What else is on the menu?

If you're feeling brave enough to travel to an occupied Skeleton Fort, you might find some Battlegills.
You'll need grubs to hunt those, mind you, and it's best to keep a watchful eye on the horizon too.
The easiest meal is the humble Splashtail. They're found in every region and you don't need bait to catch them.
In fact, learning how to NOT catch Splashtails is the tricky part. Even I get fooled sometimes...



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