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Catch Fine Fish in The Shores of Plenty
Catch Fine Fish in The Shores of Plenty.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Event Festival of Fishing
Location Larinna
Cost Gold.png

Catch Fine Fish in The Shores of Plenty is a one chapter Voyage available during Festival of Fishing. The voyage is obtainable from Larinna for free and will task players to catch Plentifins from specific Shores of Plenty islands.

The Voyage[]

The voyage begins by receiving a note from Larinna which instructs the player to visit The North Star Seapost to retrieve Serik's Fishing Map, with the option of speaking to Serik for fishing related tips.

At the Seapost, Serik's Fishing Map is located atop the shop counter in front of Sudds. This will add 3 Fishing Maps to the Quest Radial.

Each Fishing Map will lead to an island within The Shores of Plenty with a circled fishing spot where a Plentifin must be caught. Only one Plentifin is required to be caught per island. The Voyage is complete once a Plentifin has been caught from all three maps.


Speaking to Serik will offer specific tips for catching Plentifins and Pondies, and also general tips for fishing and cooking.

Dialogue icon.png

Oh-ho! A pirate with the gleam of hunger in their eye. If you're here to fish, the map on the counter will show you where!

What type of fish am I after?

My map will guide you to Plentifins, stubby little scamps that roam this region of the seas.
Some types are more common than others, and some only come out when the sun goes down!
Plentifins dine on earthworms. To find some, try digging in grassy area well away from the shoreline.
Even using earthworms as bait, you aren't guaranteed to find a Plentifin right away, so patience is the key.

How do I use this fishing pole thing?

That's a fishing 'rod', dear. When it's in your hands, start by choosing an earthworm from your Item Radial to bait the hook.
Next, cast a line so your hook's in the water and wait for a fish to bite. You can always reel the hook back in and change position.
Once you've hooked a fish it'll start swimming this way and that. Keep it on the line by tugging your rod in the opposite direction.
When the fish stops for a rest, reel the line in to bring it closer. If you try it while the fish is moving, your line might snap...
Once the fish is close enough, you'll pull it out of the water and it's yours! You'll need some space in your pockets to carry it, mind you.

Any tips for cooking a fish?

Well, you'll need somewhere to cook it, of course! The stove aboard your ship or a lit campfire should do the trick.
When the fish is in the pan you'll see its colour start to change. Cooking it to perfection, well, that'll take practice
Undercooked fish can make you sick if you eat them. I like to leave the little 'uns on the stove for 40 seconds or so.

What other fish can I find?

If you're new to it all, your might want to try landing some Pondies. They live in freshwater ponds and don't need bait to catch.
Not every pond has a little fishy family in it, mind you, so it can take a bit of exploring before you fin the right spot to cast.
And if you're fishing with earthworms, well... a shipwreck will disturb nearby Wreckers, so you might find one of those on your hook!



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