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Type NPC
Location Three Paces East Seapost

Catherine is the Shopkeeper at Three Paces East Seapost.


Dialogue icon.png

Catherrrrine Largesse DuLait the Thirrrrd. Charrrrmed. Welllcome to the Three Paces East Seapost. Humble it may appearrr, but this is a rrrefined establishment.

You're very... eloquent, Catherrrrine.

One was educated at the prrrestigious Bellpoppins Academy.
In my sparrrre time I assist with the teaching of rrrreading and wrrriting to underrrprivileged pirrrates.
Ever wonderrrred why so many of us can wrrrite jourrrnals so well?
I neverrr wanted to be stuck in the Sea of Thieves, but I can do some gooood while I'm heeeere.
That's the Bellpoppins way.

Why 'Three Paces East'?

I founded this shop using a huge treasurrrrre trove I dug up out on Kraken's Fall.
It was thrrrree paces eaaaast of a certain high trreeee.
A fond memory, indeeed.

You don't seem like the sort to enjoy The Wilds.

Neverrr judge a book by it's coverrrr, pirate.
It's trrrue that I was raised in the creme-de-la-creme of societyyyy.
But a Bellpoppins girl is taught to treat all folks equallllly.
And the Wilds have a certain... charm. The freeeedom. The rrrough and tumble. Getting to clout rrrude people around the head.
What jolly good sporrrrt!