Charles is a merchant in the General Clothing Shop in Sea of Thieves. He is located on the Sanctuary Outpost.


Hello there! I'm Charles! Absolutely radiant in here today! perhaps a little may even rub off on you!

Any new stock in?
Well, a true classic never dies now does it? Nooo! And my word, this is the right place for classics. Of course, one does receive new pieces from time to time. I'm sorry, but I have to break it to you though. I can't possibly put you on the special waiting list!
Can you put me on the waiting list for new stock?
Simply impossible! You see, it's such a short and exclusive list! Only those with the right aura and background need apply! Not to put a dampener on your day, but I don't think you're quite ready for that. Wouldn't you prefer something more befitting your style? Lots of decent pieces on the floor that would be perfect for you!
What would you recommend for me?
Oooh, perhaps something in blue to accentuate that coldness in your stare. Hmm, maybe even green! Live up to that envy of yours! Very good, yes! I even have a splash of playful red in here somewhere. I see you blushing! The point is, one can never have too much colour, especially with your appearance.
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