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Type NPC
Location Morrow's Peak Outpost
Voice Actor Jon McFarlane

Chester is the shopkeeper at the clothing shop on Morrow's Peak Outpost.


Dialogue icon.png

You! Help me through another day in this forsaken hellhole! I need a distraction and I'm good at seeing a pirate's sartorial potential.

Having much success out here?

I am, thank you! Despite my shop being quaked down twice!
I've sold a lot of boots, what with pirates always stepping in lava. Or is it magma?
And I enjoy the challenge of making sharp outfits that breathe well in this heat.
I just with those volcanoes would SHUT UP!
This one still makes me jump every time!

Have you made any unusual outfits?

Our unofficial governor out here is Captain Morrow. She wears a very durable outfit with super-hot accents.
Really nice stuff! She even shared the design with me. I've had to become part tailor, part blacksmith!
Morrow's Peak is named after her, you know.

Why does it matter how I dress?

My father used to say, 'clothes maketh the man'.
He dressed like a lumberjack and he turned out okay...
You should wear something that reflects your personal legend!
See how my outfit embraces living in the Roar? And now I only slightly hate this treacherous, sulfur-stinking furnace of evil.