The Chicken is a non-hostile creature encountered in Sea of Thieves.


These feathered cluckers can be found on a variety of islands in the Three Seas, and come in a current total of four types: White Feathered, Red Speckled, Black Plumed, and Golden, their value in gold ascending in that order as well.

Trading Companies

The Merchant Alliance considers the Chicken to be a valuable resource in the Sea of Thieves, and regularly receives commissions from their unseen patrons to capture some.

Chickens must be captured using a Chicken Coop provided by the Alliance Vendor or found laying around islands. Chickens can also be captured and sold while not on voyages, but for a much lower price.




  • When selling Chickens while not on a Merchant voyage they will sell for a significantly smaller amount of gold than when on a voyage requesting that animal.
  • Snakes will attack Chickens when they get near them, likely killing them. So be careful where you place these animals on your ship.
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