Chris is a shopkeeper in the General Clothing Shop in Sea of Thieves. He is located on Plunder Outpost. He sells items including Hats, Hair, and Peglegs.


Hello, hello. I'm Chris, yes, call me Chris.

How are you doing today, Chris?
Oh well, fine I guess. Well, err, maybe. You won't hurt me, will you? please, none of that please. Was there anyone outside a little, err, intense? You see, I think I sold the wrong hat. Oh dear, that customer will be furious!
Which clothes items are popular at the moment?
Err, why ask my advice? Look at me! Sorry, can't say. They are all very nice. Yes, if you like them. You'll like them, yes. Hats, belts, jackets, trousers, all of that. Please, please don't ask for a discount. Err, sorry, not forcing you either, you don't have to wear clothes.
Have you traveled around much?
Erm, not really no. Chris is not made for the sea. rm much better here, yes. On land, with the door shut if possible.
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