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Clothing Chest
Clothing Chest.png
Type Stationary item

The Clothing Chest is a stationary item found outside the General Clothing Shop on every Outposts, inside the Athena's Fortune Hideout and on Ships.

Players can use a Clothing Chest to browse and swap their currently equipped Clothing.

List of Clothing[]

The following items can be changed using the Clothing Chest.

  • Belt - A wearable Belt, covers the waist.
  • Boots - Wearable Boots or wrappings. Boots make a different sound from naked feet.
  • Dress - A more feminine clothing article, can be worn by both sexes. Overrides Jackets and Shirts.
  • Gloves - To not make your hands dirty from those dirty Bilge Rats, wear Gloves!
  • Hat - Every captain needs a hat. Hats cover up most Hairstyles, however longer hair still retains its form under hats.
  • Jacket - Something to cover your upper body. Open-fronted jackets display the worn Shirt.
  • Shirt - A shirt is optional if you want to show off your battle scars and cool Tattoos, however hairless pirates may want to cover up their unmanly body. with something simple.
  • Trousers - Pants for covering up the legs of a pirate.
  • Underwear - Pick between 8 Dyes of Undergarments.
  • Costumes - Whole body themed Costumes.

Clothing Chest Locations[]

The following is a gallery of all the Clothing Chest locations: