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AncientSpireOutpost ClothingShop Colin.png
Type NPC
Location Ancient Spire Outpost

Colin is the shopkeeper at the clothing shop at Ancient Spire Outpost. Colin seems a bit shady in his conversations, and while he denies any accusations of smuggling, his voice lines indicate that he is on the run from someone, saying "Were you followed?", "Remember, you never saw me" and "Eyes are watching", all in conspiratorial tones.


Dialogue icon.png

Hello there. Colin is the name. How can I help today?

What new stock you got in?

Ah, nothing much at the moment.
Got some new shipments coming in, though.
A couple of ships on their merry way.
Should have them next week, I'm sure.
Come back then and see Colin, I might have something under the counter for you.

Have you worked at Ancient Spire for a while?

Not really. I like to move around from place to place.
It's good to know the angles in this place, always something to look out for, isn't there?
I like to know what's coming or going, so I've got a nice lookout on top of old Ancient Spire. See for miles you can!

You seem a bit shifty?

Me, a smuggler! I dare say you're mistaken.
We deal in legitimate stock here, there's no black market in the Ancient Isles. Not what I've heard, anyway.
I may have had a grog or two with some smugglers before, but who hasn't?