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Type Treasure
Company Merchant Alliance icon Merchant Alliance

Commodities are a type of Treasure that can be bought from and sold to the Merchant Alliance representative at any Outpost. The Merchant Alliance Outpost Inventories book next to Senior Traders will show which Commodities are sought-after, or in surplus at each Outpost.

Commodities have a cooldown and each outpost has a separate cooldown of five in-game days (approximately 2 real life hours) from time of purchase (not claim), restocking at 06:00 in-game time.

Commodities are crew-based. Only one member of the crew can purchase the crate, and only that crew can claim the crate they purchased.

Trade Routes[]

Next to the Merchant Alliance on every Outpost is a Merchant Alliance Outpost Inventories book. Interacting with it lists which Commodity types are in surplus and which are sought-after at each Outpost.

Outposts with the specific Commodity type which is in surplus there will have 10 of that type on sale for a reduced cost, but will pay a reduced reward when that Commodity type is sold to them.

Outposts with the specific Commodity type which is sought-after there, will not have any of that type in stock, but will pay an increased reward when that Commodity type is sold to them.

This makes the most efficient way to trade Commodities, buying surplus Commodities and selling them at an Outpost where they are sought-after.

Every Outpost always has one type in surplus and one type which is sought-after. 1 of each other type can be purchased at an Outpost for a standard rate, making 15 available in total.

The Outposts at which each Commodity is surplus or sought-after changes once every week, on Monday at 00:00 UTC.


A Player can only carry one Commodity at a time and cannot use any other items while carrying them. Commodities will float to the top when dropped in Water, however they will start sinking to the bottom after some time has passed and disappear. Crates dropped on land or on shorelines will stay in-game for a long time. Every Commodity can be caught with a Ship's Harpoon.

Where to find[]

Commodities can be bought from Merchant Alliance Senior Trader NPCs at Outposts while sailing as Merchant Alliance Emissaries. They cannot be claimed without sailing as Merchant Alliance Emissaries.

Emissary Mechanics[]

Any Player Crews sailing as Merchant Alliance Emissaries can receive Emissary Grade Reputation and Emissary Value for selling the crate to Merchant Alliance Senior Trader NPCs at Outposts. This benefit is also applicable for Reaper's Bones Emissaries selling to the Servant of the Flame NPC. The higher the Crew's Emissary Grade, the more Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value they receive for selling Commodity Crates.

Players earn more Emissary Value and Emissary Grade Reputation with Merchants for Commodities that are sought-after at the outpost they sell at, and less for Commodities that are in surplus at the outpost they sell at.


Commodities can be cashed in to Merchant Alliance Senior Traders at any Outpost other than the one it was bought from for Gold and Reputation with the Company. As stated before, Merchant Alliance Emissaries will also receive Emissary Value and Emissary Grade Reputation with the Merchants for selling the Crates while flying an Emissary Flag. Being an Emissary also increases the Gold and Reputation gains for selling Crates. Alternatively, Crews can choose to sell any acquired Crates to the Reaper's Bones Representative at The Reaper's Hideout instead.

The following is a table of the multiplicative Rewards for selling Trade Good Crates as Graded Emissaries.


  • Haggler of Surplus StockPurchase 250 Merchant Commodities at a discounted price.
  • Profiteer of Sought StockSell 250 Merchant Commodities at an inflated price. | Unlocks the Merchant Alliance Hook for purchase.
  • Taker of Stolen StockSell 50 stolen Merchant Commodities at an inflated price.
  • Master of Shifted StockMake the most possible profit buying and selling 150 Merchant Commodities. | Unlocks the Merchant Alliance Eyepatch for purchase.

Types of Commodities[]

There are various types of Commodities with varying Gold, Reputation and Emissary Values:

Average Commodity Sell Values (No Emissary Bonus)
Surplus Normal Sought-after
Raw Sugar 80 400 600
Ungraded Tea 85 430 650
Unsorted Silks 90 460 700
Unrefined Spices 100 500 750
Broken Stone 105 530 800
Unfiltered Minerals 110 560 850
Unclassified Gemstones 120 600 900
Commodity Buy Prices
Surplus Normal
Raw Sugar 120 240
Ungraded Tea 130 260
Unsorted Silks 140 280
Unrefined Spices 150 300
Broken Stone 160 320
Unfiltered Minerals 170 340
Unclassified Gemstones 180 360
Commodity Profit Rates
Buy \ Sell Surplus Normal Sought After
Normal -66.66% +66.66% +150%
Surplus -33.33% +233.33% +400%


  • Commodities are identical to Wood Crates except that the wood is a lighter colour and the wood symbol is replaced with the Commodity's symbol.
  • There are 1,410,877,440 possible trade route configurations.