Competitive Emote Pack

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Competitive Emote Pack
Prime Competitive Pack.jpg
Type Bundle
Source Twitch Prime Pirate Pack
Duration 25 November 2019 - 7 January 2020

The Competitive Emote Pack is an exclusive pack of three Emotes in Sea of Thieves that was available as a part of the Twitch Prime Pirate Pack. The Pirate Pack could be claimed by any Twitch Prime Subscriber between 25 November 2019 - 7 January 2020. The Emotes are loosely based on popular Emotes from the Twitch platform. The Emotes can be equipped at a Vanity Chest and performed using the Emote Wheel button. None of these Emotes are purchasable individually.

The Bundle[edit | edit source]

Competitive Emote Pack
Emote Cost Description
Let’s Go! Emote Bundle Only When you have one of those 'Most Valuable Pirate' moments, you should celebrate!
Pay Respects Emote Bundle Only A respectful gesture to use in the presence of greatness. Be the bigger pirate!
Feeling Sad Emote Bundle Only Hey, dry your eyes. Worse things happen at sea...